Pacifica seeing thick fog; fishermen impacted by big waves

PACIFICA, Calif. (KGO) -- The big waves crashing into the Bay Area shores Friday are beautiful to look at, unless you are a crab fisherman. They look at the gorgeous waves with a different perspective.

"Sucks. Because every time it's like this means - zero. You can't catch any crab, so just trying now. I just came in for fun because it is my day off," said Daniel Eusabio as he headed out to the Pacifica pier with his crabbing gear.

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He should have talked to Benny Choi, who was coming in as he headed out.

"It was slow. I think we saw one crab being caught. And we overheard that someone caught two but, for two and half hours out here, we didn't have anything," said Benny Choi, who said he thinks the waves made a difference.

"Just too much movement with the sand. The crabs get moved around. They prefer to be stable so they'll dig down into the sand and wait it out," he said.

Not a good day for catching crabs, but good for catching photos. The waves, the sea critters and the fog were all putting on quite a show Friday morning.

"It's pretty incredible. When we arrived here last night... it was the first thing you noticed. And we could hear as we came down the road and when we got to our place and opened the window, we were in awe of the situation," said Stephen Cooper who is visiting Pacifica from North Carolina.

The fog is expected to give way to a sunny day tomorrow.

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