Tensions running high in Bay Area days before possible ICE raids

PALO ALTO, Calif. (KGO) -- In Palo Alto, roughly 100 people took to University Avenue-- the reason? To march to Palantir's headquarters. The software company is being accused by activists of having a $39 million contract with ICE that facilitates raids.

"The software itself scrapes information from dozens of sources as far as public social media profiles, it links to police database. So, if you've gotten like a parking ticket then you might be in this database already," said Megan Glenn.

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In the Bay Area, immigration advocates received reports of arrests taking place in Contra Costa, Santa Clara and San Mateo County since last weekend.

"They have the right to remain silent and they can say, 'I'm exercising my right to remain silent.' They have the right to request a lawyer if they are picked up by ICE," said Priya Murthy, Policy and Organizing Program Director with nonprofit organization Siren.

Murthy believes collateral arrest could happen after the New York Times, announced that ICE will target about 2,000 undocumented immigrants on a deportation list.

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"That's always a question in terms of whether they can actually do that or not. It may be that ICE is picking up people based on racial profiling. We think it's important that if anyone is arrested to not only exercise their rights but reported to organizations like ours and others," said Murthy.

In the crowd, we saw a familiar face-- Sindy Flores. Flores and her then 18-month-old daughter Gretchen were separated for two months when the infant was taken from the father at the U.S. Mexico border and sent to a shelter in Texas.

"Nosotros andamos en esta caminata por lo mismo. Por las tantas empresas que estan colaborando con ICE y ayudandole ha hacer las listas," said Flores "I'm walking against any company that supports or us helping ICE with a deportation list."

Palantir has not returned our request for comment.
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