"Parent Trap" house in Napa Valley survived tragic North Bay fires

NAPA, Calif. (KGO) -- As tourists return to Napa Valley they may be relieved to know that the house featured in the 1998 movie the parent trap is still standing thanks to a robust effort on the part of firefighters and the owners themselves.

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18 days ago the Nuns fire came perilously close to Staglin Family Vineyard, a sprawling 62-acre wine estate north of the Oakville grade.

They were protected by air drops, a huge fire break behind their property and even by private fire companies provided by their insurance company. They came out of it unscathed. No damage. Including their beloved home, the one featured in the parent trap movie.

Shari Staglin said, "We didn't defend it for a nostalgic reason of a movie. We defended it for our home and our children."

She added the good news is people are coming back to the valley for tours and tastings.

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Some out-of-town visitors say they were thinking of canceling their trip here and are glad they didn't

John Holmes, from Chicago, says "It's amazing all of this was spared given how close it came."

Many wineries are donating some of their proceeds to relief efforts.

Shari Staglin says 19 percent of the money raised for the Napa and Sonoma County relief funds is going to support mental health and brain health, including counseling for parents and children in schools here.

People are starting to celebrate what was preserved.

The parent trap house is a private residence so it's not part of the tours or tastings at Staglin but it is a bit of Napa Valley pop culture that is still standing strong.

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