New bill would allow California drivers to choose their license photo

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KGO) -- Few people love their driver's license photo. That is just a universal truth. But what if could pick your photo?

A California lawmaker is introducing a bill that would allow drivers to choose their own license photo.

The measure would give people the opportunity to take more than one photo at the DMV and select the one they like.

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Granted, the more photos you take, the more money it would cost.

Senator Josh Newman, D-Fullerton, says the proposal would create new revenue source.

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"SB 1407 would create The Drivers Education and Training Fund, which would be overseen by the State Treasury and moneys in the fund will be used to develop and provide driver education and training programs," according to Newman's office.

In addition to allowing more than one photo to be taken at the DMV, SB 1407 alternatively allows for drivers to get a photo taken off-site and supply that photo to the DMV for placement on their license.

The off-site photo will still need to meet guidelines established by the department.

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