Retired Oakland police captain only person charged in sex scandal

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- The Contra Costa County District Attorney has charged a retired Oakland police captain with soliciting prostitution in the sex scandal centered on Jasmine Abuslin, formerly known as Celeste Guap.

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Contra Costa County's top prosecutor announced he will file only one misdemeanor charge against several East Bay police officers who had sexual contact with a teenager who once identified herself as a prostitute.

"We only file charges if we believe we can prove a case beyond a reasonable doubt," said Contra Costa County District Attorney Mark Peterson.

Unlike his counterpart in Alameda County, Peterson announced no serious criminal charges will be filed against the many officers sexually involved with a young woman, Jasmine Abuslin.

"According to her, all of those encounters were when she was over the age of 18. According to her, all of those interactions were consensual. According to her, all of those interactions were not done for money," said Peterson.

Peterson says his investigators looked at sexual contacts in Contra Costa County Abuslin said she had with officers from the Richmond, San Francisco and Oakland police departments, as well as deputes from the Alameda County Sheriff's department.

But, Peterson says none of the contacts happened when Abuslin was underage, and no compensation or confidential police information, except in one case.

Contra Costa prosecutors reviewed 24 hours of taped interviews with Abuslin, 19 separate interviews in all, done by six different agencies over a seven month period.

"I think we have over a thousand police officers in our county," said Peterson. "A few police officers taint the reputation of all the police officers in our county. It's very unfortunate."

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The Contra Costa District Attorney is filing just one charge, against a retired Oakland police captain, a man in his 80's, charged with a misdemeanor solicitation for prostitution.

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