Fundraiser for Tim Kaine held in Silicon Valley

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- The path to the White House included a few local stops Wednesday as Democratic Vice President candidate Tim Kaine made a pitch to voters in Atherton and San Francisco. And it wasn't just Democrats who came out to support him.

One of those events was hosted by two Republican women who say they're putting country ahead of party, with both of them refusing to support Donald Trump.

For more than two decades, Republican presidential tickets have been hosted at the home of Silicon Valley venture capitalist, Jillian Manus. "For many, many years, I've backed the Republican party and poured almost $1 million into the Republican party, maybe even more," Manus said.

But this year, things are a little different because the Republican nominee is Trump. "This is about working together, this is about a united vision," Manus said.

So on Wednesday in Atherton, Manus along with Hewlett Packard's CEO and staunch Republican Meg Whitman put on a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine.

These Republicans and Democrats finding common ground. "I'm a Republican, been a Republican my whole life and I'm all in for Hillary," Atherton Mayor Elizabeth Lewis said.

As Clinton prepares for the upcoming debates, it was her running mate who spoke with supporters Wednesday afternoon.

One Republican is still unsure about Clinton, but liked what she heard from Kaine. "He is articulate, he was knowledgeable on every issue thrown at him today, he had no teleprompter, and he was a genuine candidate," Republican voter Tricia Young said.

One Democrat hopes that voters can learn from the spirit of Silicon Valley. "We work with people who have different political views all the time, and we make these companies successful, we won't not work with somebody because they have different politics, and I think that can be a model in the federal government," Democratic voter Judith Schwartz said.

And for Manus, the choice is clear. "They don't represent a party to me, they represent a path," Manus said.

Kaine also stopped in San Francisco for an event hosted by Zynga founder Mark Pincus.

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