GoFundMe refunding $20M to Trump wall backers

MIRAMAR, Florida -- A Florida veteran's attempt to raise $1 billion in border wall funding has ended after raising only two percent of his goal.

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Purple Heart recipient and triple amputee veteran Brian Kolfage launched a GoFundMe campaign in December and raised $20 million through the first two weeks of January 2019.

Kolfage hoped to encourage the 63 million people who supported President Trump's 2016 election to pledge $80 a piece. If that happened, he said the border wall between U.S. and Mexico pushed by President Trump would become a reality.

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Business Insider reported Friday that GoFundMe is instead refunding donors their money because Kolfage did not meet the $1 billion goal.

Undeterred, Kolfage announced he will accept donations previously made to the "We The People Will Fund The Wall" campaign at his new non-profit.

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The organization reportedly includes the involvement of American businessman Erik Prince, brother of Trump's Education Secretary Betsy DeVos; former Wisconsin Sheriff David Clarke; and Mary Ann Mendoza, an outspoken supporter of stricter immigration laws.

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