Bay to Breakers 2024: Here are top 5 winners in men's, women's and non-binary race

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Sunday, May 19, 2024
Here's a look at overall winner of 2024 Bay to Breakers race
Here's a look when overall winner of 2024 Bay to Breakers race Colin Bennie crossed the finish line.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- An iconic footrace that's rooted in fun, creativity, and a little weirdness kicked off bright and early Sunday. The 111th running of the Bay to Breakers brought thousands to the city.

We have a list of the top five winners from the men's, women's and non-binary race, according to Bay to Breakers' results page.

Colin Bennie was the first person to cross the finish line, winning the race for the second year in a row.

"It was good. I was at the Luke Combs concert down at Levi's Stadium last night, so it was a good little pre-race. Pretty race warm up, got some good music in my head. But it was great. You know? It's hard to not just feed off the energy of this race and, and have a great time," Bennie said.

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The top five winners in the men's race in this year's Bay to Breakers are:

1st Place

Colin Bennie from San Francisco (2023 winner as well)

Time: 37:02

Here's a look when overall winner of 2024 Bay to Breakers race Colin Bennie crossed the finish line.

2nd Place

Christopher Olley

Time: 38:02

3rd Place

Paddy O'Leary

Time: 38:12

4th Place

Connor Clark

Time: 38:19

5th Place

Zach Litoff

Time: 39:01

The top five winners in the women's race are:

*Editor's note: Bay to Breakers modified its results page and placed Julia Vasquez-Giguere and Estelle Richardson as the top two finishers in the women's race.

Sara Dietz and Stephanie Plageman were moved out of the top 5, but we kept their names on our list.

1st Place*

Julia Vasquez-Giguere

Time: 43:48:94

2nd Place*

Estelle Richardson


3rd Place

Clarissa Morales

Time: 45:05:48

4th Place

Wade Garoutte

Time: 46:45:37

5th Place

Meagan Short

Time: 47:03:30

6th Place*

Sara Dietz

Time: 48:34:10

7th Place*

Stephanie Plageman

Time: 48:47:77

The top five winners in the non-binary race are:

1st Place

Cal Calamia from San Francisco (2022 and 2023 winner)

Time: 44:26:27

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San Francisco teacher Cal Calamia, 25, has become the first non-binary winner of Bay to Breakers 2022.

2nd Place

JL Odom from San Francisco

Time: 54:30:10

3rd Place

Rory Glenn

Time: 54:55:23

4th Place

Parker Holzman Smith

Time: 55:46:94

5th Place

Cal Hobson

Time: 57:25:15

Bay to Breakers race got going at 8 a.m. on Sunday.

Barricades were put up across the entire city to block off streets.

Officials say those planning to be in the city can expect a lot of delays.

The city's traditional running holiday is an annual race made for everyone.

Some runners participate by dressing up ...while others choose to dress down.

The first Bay to Breakers took place in 1912. Except for cancellations in 2020 and 2021 due to the pandemic, the race has been going strong and attracting tens of thousands of participants.

To learn about the Bay to Breakers race, click here.

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