VA hospital mistake may have contributed to veteran's death

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014
Ronald Mayo
Ronald Mayo, 65, died following heart surgery last week.

SACRAMENTO (KGO) -- Questions are being raised about the death of a Vietnam vet from Sacramento County after a mix up at a nearby VA hospital.

The 65-year old Ronald Mayo died following heart surgery last week.

The VA now admits that a "Do Not Resuscitate" armband was mistakenly placed on Mayo's wrist, but officials insist the error was caught quickly and it didn't contribute to his death.

Family members claim the hospital did not return phone calls seeking a detailed explanation of the incident.

The Mayo family say Mayo was a special man. "He loved his kids, loved his grand kids. He was a great guy," said one family member.

Family members say Mayo's twin and best friend Noland, is devastated by his brother's death. The incident comes on the heels of the federal investigation into mix-ups and long waits at VA hospitals.