Nancy Pelosi, Mayor London Breed and Navy officers welcome USNS Harvey Milk to SF

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Saturday, March 30, 2024
Pelosi, mayor, Navy officers welcome USNS Harvey Milk to SF
Pelosi, mayor, Navy officers welcome USNS Harvey Milk to SF

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Speaker Emeritus Nancy Pelosi, Mayor London Breed and high-ranking officers with the U.S. Navy welcomed the USNS Harvey Milk to San Francisco Friday.

It was the first time the ship arrived in San Francisco. It's named after gay rights activist and former San Francisco Supervisor Harvey Milk.

The 800-foot long vessel is an oiler. It's designed to offer fuel, food and water to other navy ships around the world. It can last for the next 40 years. The former House Speaker says these ships are usually named after civil rights icons. Milk used to serve in the Navy.

"You see, this big ship that says 'Harvey Milk' on it," she said. "Just think what the world would have been like without Harvey Milk. Everything that would come later. Harvey showed us the way to fight discrimination."

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Those at Friday's event hoped this ship would serve as a message of equality around the world.

"It also represents some of the values San Francisco prides itself on," said Mayor London Breed. "Inclusion, diversity and representation."

Outside the gates where the ship was docked, protestors were concerned the ship would be on its way to send aid to Israel.

"The Bay Area says enough is enough," said Wassim Haj, one of the protest organizers. "Our elected officials need to stand on the right side of history. They need to stand with their constituents."

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Police arrested over a dozen protestors after they locked themselves to the stairs of the ship. Pelosi says the ship was not heading to the Middle East at this time.

"It is not up to us to decide the assignment of ships but that is not what is happening right now," she said. "Right now it is on it's way to Norfolk, Virginia."

The protestors claim the U.S. is not doing enough to help starving people in Gaza. Pelosi says the decision to send aid is stuck along party lines.

"The president is trying very hard in the congress to get humanitarian assistance for the people in Gaza," she said. "That is being held up by the other side of the aisle."

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