EXCLUSIVE: Bay Area mom's Christmas wish for a home comes true after almost a year being unhoused

Brianni signed the lease to her new apartment thanks to the promise of Richmond Mayor Tom Butt

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Saturday, December 17, 2022
EXCLUSIVE: Bay Area unhoused mom's Christmas wish for home comes true
A single Richmond mother who has been facing homelessness with her daughter for almost a year now has a place to call home thanks to mayor's promise.

RICHMOND, Calif. (KGO) -- A single Richmond mom who has been facing homelessness with her daughter for almost a year now has a place to call home thanks to the promise by Richmond's mayor.

When we met Brianni Peters she had just gotten the news that Richmond's Mayor Tom Butt was going to pay for one year of rent for her and her 14-year-old daughter. Thursday was move-in day.

Luz Pena: "What are you bringing with to your new home?"

Brianni Peters: "My clothes and my daughter and that is about it."

An RV has been Brianni's shelter for almost a year. Her Christmas wish was an actual home. On Thursday, that wish came true when Brianni signed the lease to her new apartment. Hours later she showed the apartment keys to her daughter.

"I just took the keys and was like. She looked at me crazy and said what? She went to grab them and I said no look at it. And she is like. When are we going home?" said Brianni Peters.

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Richmond Mayor Tom Butt is asking for landlords to open their properties to house homeless individuals - and he's paying one-year of rent upfront.

Brianni invited us to her apartment. The place of new beginnings.

"It's mine for now. At least for a year. Yeah," said Brianni.

This was Brianni's second time in her new home. While showing us around, she discovered the purpose of the random door in her bedroom that led to a balcony.

"I didn't even know this was back here," said Brianni.

From the fridge, to the stove to the carpet everything was new. Including something that many take for granted a bathroom with a warm shower.

"My own actual running water. It's been a long time. So I'm grateful for that. That is one of the main things," said Brianni.

Even though Brianni doesn't have any furniture yet she says that every room is filled with love.

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"I'm happy too. I'm still taking it in I got butterflies right now," said Brianni and added, "If I want more and I want better I got to keep going for the better look. All I can do is keep going. My daughter got space to be able to do her homework and have her chill time and be a kid. That is all I'm worried about so here we are. On to the next mission."

Brianni is the 11th family Mayor Butt has helped out of homelessness this year. Brianni is the last one before his term is up. He has 25 days left in his term but promises to keep going.

"I'm going to keep trying to collect money and put people into homes. You know I'm an architect. I'm thinking about maybe taking some time and start working on providing design solutions for homes for formerly homeless people," said Mayor Tom Butt.

On Friday, Brianni starts a second job. Right before we left, we surprised her with flowers. Her first house warming gift. These flowers reminding her to keep blooming.

"Thank you. These are really pretty thank you!," said Brianni.

Here's a link to Mayor Tom Butt's GoFundMe.

Here's a link to Brianni Peter's GoFundMe.

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