State lawmakers review PG&E 10 years after San Bruno fire

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- On Tuesday, the mayor of San Bruno and state officials will talk about what has been learned since the deadly San Bruno pipeline disaster.

They will focus on both public utilities response to disasters like the explosion as well as how local governments can plan for catastrophes.

This year marks 10 years since the explosion and fire that killed eight people, injured 58 and destroyed 38 homes.

A PG&E natural gas pipeline ruptured, triggering an eruption that leveled a San Bruno neighborhood on September 9, 2010.

State Senator Jerry Hill organized this hearing for utility safety reforms and better accountability.

Hill will talk about what progress has been made and what more can be done to ensure safety.

The agenda for the hearing includes two sections, what lessons have been learned from this disaster and how have public utilities been able to apply those lessons.

PG&E was fined $3 million for violating the Natural Gas Pipeline Safety Act in 2017.

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It took PG&E 95 minutes to turn off the gas that was fueling the fire.

The utility has since installed a remote shutdown system.

You can watch the hearing on the State Senate's website at 10 a.m. Tuesday morning.
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