SFPD investigates dismembered body found in suitcase

Byby Tiffany Wilson KGO logo
Wednesday, January 28, 2015
SFPD investigate dismembered body found in suitcase
San Francisco police are investigating a dismembered body that was found in a suitcase on 11th street near Mission Street.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- The report of a suspicious package led to a gruesome discovery in San Francisco Wednesday afternoon.

Police say a torso was discovered inside a suitcase left on the sidewalk and surrounded by trash. More body parts were recovered nearby at Mission and 11th streets.

Police tape cut through the South of Market area for most of the evening. As pedestrians learned why, many struggled to contain their shock.

"It scares me, it really scares me because I walk here every day," Arsenia Bersola, a SoMa resident, said.

A caller reported a suspicious package shortly after 4 p.m. Minutes later police opened a suitcase and found the dismembered body inside. Officers immediately shut down the area to investigate. Police say they then recovered additional body parts nearby.

Justin Bell works at 10th and Mission streets. He can't comprehend why or how someone would commit such a crime.

"It took some time and consideration to take somebody and put them in a suitcase and make them fit in a suitcase and it's horrible. I feel horrible," Bell said.

The medical examiner and homicide investigators spent hours on scene. Police aren't releasing any details but say they do have a suspect.

"We do have people of interest that homicide investigators are speaking to, as well as using surveillance cameras," said San Francisco police officer Grace Gatpandan.

The fact that the suitcase was left in such a high traffic area has at least one man speculating.

"The person who did it has got to want to be caught, this is a camera gulch right here," said one man.

Police say they haven't yet figured out the victim's age, race or gender.