San Francisco car break-in problem continues to grow

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- San Francisco police have made moves to try to stop car break-ins in the city, but new data shows the problem continues to grow.

As a result, some San Francisco residents are starting to get savvy in their efforts to protect their possessions.

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Residents ABC7 News spoke with said they just assume that it will happen and not that it won't. "I feel like everyone expects it here, that's how it is. Don't leave anything in the car. My friend got broken into for a bag of trash," San Francisco resident Casey Splain said.

None of the people ABC7 News spoke with were surprised when we told them about a report in the San Francisco Examiner saying, car break-ins are up 26 percent this year even as police doubled its foot patrols to try and prevent the car break-ins.

Some question if increasing the police presence is really the answer.

Watch the video player above for Amy Hollyfield's full report.

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