Saturn in opposition: The ringed planet next to the Strawberry Moon on June 27 will make for a great photo op

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Monday, June 25, 2018
Look up for a great view of Saturn this week
Saturn will be in opposition to the sun on June 27, meaning stargazers will get their closest and brightest view of the planet all year.

Saturn will be visible all summer, but if you really want a show, look up this week.

The sixth planet will be in opposition to the sun, meaning the Earth will be directly between them. This will make Saturn appear bigger and brighter than any other time this year.

Those viewing with a telescope will get a spectacular view of its North Pole and, of course, its renowned ring system.

"If you have never spotted Saturn's rings, now is your chance," AccuWeather Astronomy Blogger Dave Samuhel said. "A small telescope is all you need."

If you don't have a telescope, though, you can still spot Saturn in the sky.

The official time of opposition is 9 a.m. ET | 6 a.m. PT on Wednesday. Overnight Tuesday and overnight Wednesday are both good times to watch, according to AccuWeather. Overnight Tuesday, Saturn will reach its highest point. Overnight Wednesday, Saturn will be closest to the moon, making for great photos.

The sight will be particularly sweet because of June's full moon, often referred to as the Strawberry Moon.