2 whales spotted in shallow water off shore at Orange County's Seal Beach

SEAL BEACH, Calif. -- Two whales were spotted between a sandbar and the Seal Beach shore on Monday.

Witnesses spotted the mammals in the channel near the end of the San Gabriel River Trail in Orange County. They said they called California Department of Fish and Wildlife officials after the animals appeared stuck in one spot.

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The whales drew a crowd of onlookers as they floated along the surface and splashed and twirled in the low tide. They appeared to be about 100 yards from a nearby bridge.

Shortly before noon, the whales managed to turn around toward open water but remained in the channel.

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Officials from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said they were "en route to investigate the situation." They added that during this time of year whales are known to stay close to the shore when migrating with their calves, keeping them safe from prey.

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