Community voices concerns after recent attacks on Asian American seniors in San Francisco

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Wednesday, August 17, 2022
Concerns after recent attacks on Asian American seniors in SF
SFPD Chief Bill Scott and DA Brooke Jenkins faced tough questions from community members in Chinatown amidst recent attacks on Asian American seniors.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- San Francisco Police Chief Bill Scott and newly appointed District Attorney Brooke Jenkins faced some tough questions from community members in Chinatown amidst several recent attacks on Asian American seniors.

"Sometimes we're scared to go out at night!"

The thoughts of 12-year-old Ethan Li, who lives in San Francisco's Chinatown echoed by those that attended a community meeting held Tuesday night concerning recent Asian hate crimes.

"I was a victim from this violence," said Xiaoping Huang of San Francisco. Huang says someone threw something at her and then blocked the sidewalk where she was walking. "I was very scared and ran away," said Huang.

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Chief Scott said that since July 31, three elderly members of the Asian community have been "senselessly and brutally" attacked. In two of the cases arrests have been made, a suspect has been identified in the third case.

"In one of the cases three of the four individuals were under 18, as young as 11 years old and that is sad," said Chief Scott.

But others say that's not good enough. With the help of a translator, Amy Li described being attacked on a Muni bus in the Outer Mission District of the city back in April. Li said she had a concussion after she was hit in the head by a woman who she still sees in her neighborhood, one who was never arrested for the crime.

"I wanted to ask why, after four months of waiting, I have not received any updates on my case. I did call the police however, they weren't able to capture the perpetrator and I am very disappointed about this," said Li.

District Attorney Brooke Jenkins spoke about prosecuting crimes.

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"This isn't just rhetoric, we are doing what we can to prosecute these cases better. In a way that sends a message that this type of conduct is no longer tolerated in San Francisco," said Jenkins.

Some here are upset though, saying all communities should be brought together for meetings like this, not just those in Chinatown.

"A lot of this stuff is dividing the Asian, Black, and Brown communities. Where are we going to sit down?" said Adrienne Fong of San Francisco.

Some here want more officers and others want better prosecution. The chief telling us, they are trying their best.

"It's not easy that's for sure, it will and can be done. We don't solve them all but of course we are going to try," said Chief Scott.

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