Arrests made in SF home invasion burglary spree where senior couple's life savings was stolen

One of the suspects was arrested in Atlanta with the help of US Marshals. The other was found armed in San Francisco's Mission District.
SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Two arrests have been made in a string of home invasion burglaries in San Francisco's Ingleside neighborhood, including one incident where a senior couple's life savings were stolen.

Surveillance cameras inside captured an incident at the Zhong family's home along Polaris Way back in July. In broad daylight, two men were seen entering the home and rifling through belongings.

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Simon Zhong says his parents are immigrants from China and spent decades working to provide for their family. They had not only their life savings in cash stolen, but sentimental items like wedding jewelry also taken.

SFPD spoke first to ABC7 News anchor Dion Lim about two arrested suspects, both 22-year-old men from San Francisco, who they believe are responsible for not only this incident but another home invasion burglary and an attempted one in the area.

EXCLUSIVE: Senior couple's life savings stolen in brazen burglary caught on camera in SF
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A senior couple in SF, who immigrated to America nearly 40 years ago, is heartbroken after their life savings was taken from them. A senior law enforcement official confirmed Asian American families are often targets because they keep cash in their homes.

One of the suspects was on parole, the other put on probation and apprehended in Atlanta, Georgia.

Police are asking the public to be patient as they investigate cases like these-- and says the arrests could not have happened without the public's help.

"It takes an entire community to keep us safe to keep the streets safe, we need the eyes and ears and information to make our work more effective and our limited resources to go that much further," Says officer Robert Rueca.

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Dion also spoke with a member of the Zhong family who says they're grateful for these men to be off the streets but are still on guard after reports of other home invasions not far away.

Police say they did recover items from both of the men who were arrested. No word yet on if any of those items belonged to the Zhong family.
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