SF sheriff's cadet wants review of Supervisor Shamann Walton after alleged verbal attack

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Tuesday, August 9, 2022
Sheriff's cadet wants review of SF supervisor after racial slurs
A San Francisco sheriff's cadet is asking for a review of Board of Supervisors Pres. Shamann Walton after he allegedly verbally harassed him.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- The president of San Francisco's Board of Supervisors says he has no intentions of resigning from office following allegations that he verbally harassed and threatened a sheriff's department cadet back in late June. Now the employee in question, is asking that the case be reviewed by the city for potential violation of its harassment policies.

"I just want him to tell the truth," that's what Cadet Emare Butler told me during an interview outside San Francisco City Hall.

Butler granted us an interview stating that he wanted to clear his name and remind people of what happened on that busy morning of Pride weekend on June 24 when Board President Shamann Walton went through one of the security check points at San Francisco's City Hall. In the past, the supervisor would always get screened with a handheld security wand.

"So it was really crowded so when he came in. I tried to give him a warning that he was going to have to take off his belt and then he just decided that he wasn't going to do it," Butler described how the confrontation with Walton began.

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The San Francisco Board of Education voted Tuesday night to admonish Ann Hsu following "racially insensitive" comments.

Unwilling to cooperate, Cadet Butler says Supervisor Walton verbally harassed him in front of everyone waiting in line.

"Looks at me, points at the window and says it's N-word like you that looks like me that's always a problem, and he continues to go on and says this is some N-word s**t and repeats it again," revealed Butler.

At that point, Butler says his supervisor allowed Walton to go through the checkpoint, but not without, in his words, threatening him.

"So he gets his things and as he's walking toward the elevator he looks at me and he goes, you must not know who I am, I'll whoop your ass," added the cadet.

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ABC7 News went over the city's harassment-free workplace policy put out by the human resources department. It states that, "Harassment consists of unwelcome visual, verbal, or physical conduct."

In recent days, Supervisor Walton has gone on the record accusing the sheriff's department of retaliating against him, stating that in the past he has received unfair treatment at the security checkpoints.

We approached Walton who a few weeks ago asked school board member Ann Hsu to resign after she made some racially insensitive remarks toward Black and Latinos families.

"Let me make it clear about that, Ann Hsu made racist remarks toward the Black and Brown population. That has nothing to do with the inaccuracies reported by the Sheriff's Department. You have my statement," said Walton.

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When I asked him if he should resign, Walton said, "Of course not!"

As of Monday, none of the supervisors have asked Walton to resign. With the exception of Dean Preston most have remained quiet about the controversy.

We asked Preston if he would ask Walton to resign.

"I have no intention to do that, not, no." said Preston.

Preston supported Alison Collins, a former school board member who made racially offensive remarks towards the Asian community. He did not ask Collins to resign, yet Preston has said that Ann Hsu should step down.

VIDEO: SFUSD Board Vice President Alison Collins apologizes for offensive tweets aimed at Asian Americans

San Francisco Board of Education Vice President Alison Collins' apologized for her offensive tweets aimed at Asian Americans as multiple board members called for her resignation.

"If your question is 'am I asking Shamann Walton to resign,' the answer is no," he added.

In the meantime, Cadet Butler says at this point an apology from Walton wouldn't mean much to him.

"Yes I do feel offended by some the things that he said as far as comments about it being about solidarity between two Black men, I don't agree with that at all," said Butler.

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