Gump's opens for the holiday season

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- A San Francisco store that dates back to the Gold Rush is reopening its doors.

ABC7 News was inside Gump's at Union Square just after it started welcoming customers again. Gump's was founded in 1861 but closed down last December after filing for bankruptcy.

The store became famous for selling luxury items to those made wealthy by the Gold Rush.

The new Gump's is reopening on Post Street as a pop-up store.

"This store is smaller but it has beautiful things and I'm hoping it's successful and grows as the old Gump's was," Pat Dodson, Gump's customer.

Gump's is supposed to be open just four months, that includes the Christmas season and it's already selling holiday items.

The owners (the Chachas family of New York) say if business is good, the store could stay open indefinitely.

For more information, visit Gump's website.

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