ABC7 News Stars: Jason Downing, Marco Barros and Lou Stoerzinger, First Responders

LIFE SAVERS: The Bodega Bay Fire Protection District takes every emergency seriously, but when the call came in about a 4-year-old who had fallen down a sheer cliff, Jason Downing, Marco Barros and Lou Stoerzinger feared the worst. They all know that treacherous stretch of coastline, and they knew they had to act fast! Once on the scene, Marco Barros rappelled down, 255 feet, to pull a badly injured little Sebastion Johnson to safety.

Today, Sebastion is happy and healthy, but these heroic first responders know the outcome could have been much different! Sebastion might be one tough kid...but if you ask him, he'll tell you these guys are more than heroes; they're his own "personal angels." Learn more about these real life heroes Where You Live, at

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