PHOTOS: Meet Our ABC7 Allies in Action

Friday, May 31, 2024
CANINE COMPANIONS: Leading the service dog industry, "Canine Companions" expertly trains puppies to become skilled assistants for adults, children, and veterans with disabilities.
THE GAME CHANGER: Phyllis Lyon  and her late wife Del Martin have a long legacy of fighting for change. In 2004, they were the first same-sex couple to be legally married in SF.
SWAN DREAMER: Aesha Ash travels the country with the message that talent shouldn’t be constrained by race or socio-economic status.
RAISING THE BARRE: SF Ballet’s youngest male principal dancer, Benjamin Freemantle, is also a self-taught barber who offers free haircuts to those who are down on their luck.
Oakland Ballet Company Artistic Director Graham Lustig is making a difference in the lives of his dancers and the community around him.
Sixteen-year-old Shreya Ramachandran isn't just TALKING about saving the planet, she's taking her own steps online, in the classroom and on the international stage.
Fashion and footwear designer Devlin Carter's sneakers have blown up on Instagram. But he's not just a creator, he's also a teacher. On the weekends he teaches kids how to sew!
ABC7 Star, Stacey Hoffman's wants to transform lives through music. She is the co-founder of Oakland non-profit, Living Jazz.
Inspired by her son, this ABC7 Star is giving back through a love of growing.
Lauren Kobashigawa helps kids in the Dominican Republic.
Jesse Harrison-Noonan makes it easier for people to keep their pet companions.
Chef Olive is an ABC7 Star who's changing lives one scone at a time.
For decades, John Hammond has been volunteering with the USF Dons baseball team, at church, for political campaigns, professional volleyball tournaments and countless other events.
Jordan Langer is a gearhead for good. He helps at-risk youth rebuild their confidence while restoring classic cars.
Ally Loo shares comfort and kindness with kids who have suffered abuse.
Kate Robinson knows how to keep kids safe. This ABC7 Star directs Safe Passage Program for the Tenderloin Community Benefit District.
Serena Meyer wants to make breastfeeding support accessible to more mothers.
Judith Smith is the founder and director of Axis Dance Company, where dancers with and without disabilities perform side by side.
Liz Kane started Shire House to help young adults on the Autism spectrum learn the life skills needed to live on their own.
Nafy Flatley's goal is to provide an inexpensive, accessible and healthy food for people in the Bay Area and around the world.
ABC7 Star Teresa Goines founded Old Skool Café in San Francisco, a place where at-risk youth find hope for a better future through a creative mix of food and fun.
Ninive Calegari has a profound belief in young people. She’s known for taking learning to new heights and inspiring kids to read.
Dr. Joseph Marshall, Jr. was tired of seeing his bright students end up on drugs, in prison or dead. So he did something about it. We're proud to honor him as an ABC7 Star.
GUARDIAN SCHOLARS: Sonja Lenz-Rashid and Xochitl Sanchez have created a unique support system to help former foster kids succeed, in and out of the classroom.
Maria Guevara and her team of volunteers navigate the streets of their community, delivering lunches to people in need. That's just one of the many reasons she's an ABC7 Star.
When the North Bay wildfires were burning, Meredith Elliot and her team of Sandwich Angels showed up to help feed first responders.
Vicki Abadesco helps kids connect and work problems out together. She co-founded Soul Shoppe; a group that teaches respect and empathy as a way to battle bullying.
When life takes an unexpected turn, a little support can do a lot of good. That's what unstoppable ABC7 Star Stan Rosenfeld does best; provide support.
ABC7 Star Jimmy Ford is a retired boxer who started Fire in the Ring; a boxing gym in Brisbane, Calif. that's also a safe haven for at-risk youth.
Andrew Stoloff, the owner of Rubicon Bakers, is seen in this undated image.
RECOVERY ATHLETE: Despite his mobility challenges, Theo St. Francis is charging ahead on a new mission…to give back.
Dr. Alan Wong opened a welcoming home for families who need an extended-stay at local hospitals.
At a very young age, Michael was diagnosed with autism, which has made it difficult for him to communicate with others. So Michael found his own way to communicate - he sings!
Raquel Fajardo offers haircutting services for the homeless and anyone in need.  She calls her free services, Tender Cuts, after the Tenderloin neighborhood where her clients live.
CINEMATIC CHAMPION: Budding filmmaker Alex Gomez struggles with Crohn's but she refuses to let it rule her life. She's learning the art of filmmaking!
Dwayne Chenevert helped launch the Oakland youth center DreamCatcher and still works there every day.
Guiding Light: Dr. Monica Gandhi is an expert in infectious diseases and the medical director of Ward 86, the oldest HIV/AIDS clinic at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital.
MASTERFUL MENTOR:  We all have that one teacher who left a lasting impression.  For many Bay Area students, that teacher is Patti Carothers.
GIVING GROWER:  Kelly Carlisle is growing a better community one kid at a time.
THE CARING CREATIVE: "Cancer sucks. Art heals." Purvi Shah has been living that motto since her son Amaey, who has passed away, was diagnosed with leukemia at the age of 3.
EARTHY ARTIST: Sometimes tackling a serious issue just takes the right perspective.  Conservation artist, Linda Gass knows that well.
ALL-STAR TEEN: Do you know any hockey players that can also twirl a baton...or three batons at once? We do. Meet Amelia DiPaola.
PEACEMAKERS: Heidi and Gary Kuhn started a movement from the basement of their own home in 1997.  From the beginning they had one big idea - do something to promote world peace.
TRUE BELIEVERS:  Life changed for Daquan Jackson after he met Yvonne and Lee through a very special program called CASA.
LIFE SAVERS: The Bodega Bay Fire Protection District saved a 4-year-old boy who fell off a cliff.
BRAVE VOLUNTEER: After a disaster, people like Red Cross volunteer, John Saguto jump right in to lend a hand.
AERIAL EXPLORER: Cris Benton has spent the last 18 years photographing San Francisco Bay.  His vantage point is unique and his equipment is unconventional.
THE FANS: San Francisco Giants fans came from different parts of the Bay Area, but our guess is-these fans have one GIANT thing in common.
GOOD NEIGHBOR: Gail Goldyne is a good example of what community spirit can accomplish.
COMFORT DOG: When you're scared or nervous, it helps to have a best friend. Good thing Faber is a trained professional!
BIRTHDAY GIRL: Kris Dufala thinks every kid in the world should have a happy birthday, and she's doing whatever she can to make that happen!
HORSE RESCUER: Monica Hardeman always dreamed of dedicating her life to caring for horses. She never imagined a personal tragedy would set her on a path to fulfilling that dream.
TRUE PROTECTOR: In addition to raising awareness about child exploitation and sex trafficking around the world, Andy Blalock is bringing his community together to help!
THE GREEN GUARDIAN: Dedication and a LOT of help! That's what it took to make the 4-H Million Trees Project a success.
THE HELPING HAND: Julia Tognotti is on a mission, and she'll do anything she can to make sure you know about it!
THE SUPER SWIMMER: Jack Zembsch has never won a race, but that doesn't stop him from swimming on one of the most competitive teams in the Bay Area!
THE TEAM BUILDER: Cheryl Anne Napier's story began with one small move to make a big difference; deciding to walk in AIDS Walk San Francisco.
THE ARTFUL SCHOLAR:  For Pleasanton's Annie Wu, graduating with Foothill High School was just the beginning. She is also part of the 50th class of of U.S. Presidential scholars!
AN AMERICAN HERO: The late General Henry Arnold is one of only nine American officers who have worn five stars on their shoulders. His story is one for the history books.
THE DECORATED VETERAN: From Pearl Harbor through the Korean War, US Marine Corps Retired Lieutenant Colonel John Stevens lived this history many of us only studied in books.
LIFE-SAVING HERO: Iria Wolnick of San Jose is being honored for her extraordinary courage after saving the life of an unborn baby on the side of a desolate highway in south Texas.
AND THE AWARD GOES TO: East Oakland teacher Laura Strait is one of 4 teachers nationwide to win the 2014 Fishman award for her work with her students at Aspire ERES Academy.
SUPER SNIFFERS: Highly trained and super dedicated, Laser is with a unique non-profit called Dogs 4 Diabetics. ABC7 gives two paws up to all dogs that protect and serve.
DETERMINED VOICE: From a young age, Zina Jawadi had to learn to be heard and since then, she's never stopped speaking out. We see a bright future for this ABC7 star.
THE SCHOLARLY ATHLETE: Akintunde Ahmad has a 5.0 GPA, 2100 out of 2400 on the SAT, plays 3 instruments and basketball. He's truly a star!
WHIZ KID: Natalie Ng received a $30,000 award at the Intel Science Talent Search 2014 for developing a diagnostic tool to more accurately predict the spread of breast cancer cells.
THE SHOOTING STARS: This is no ordinary cheerleading squad! Livermore High School's Shooting Stars are known to spark the biggest cheers of the night, regardless of the score.
THE ROCK STAR PHOTOGRAPHER:Jay Blakesberg is the biggest rock-n-roll legend you've never seen. He's made an art of blending into the background to photograph iconic music moments.
THE AWARD-WINNING TEACHER: Suney Park is ready to "school" you on the real world. She teaches science with a lesson plan focused on practical solutions.
TEAM PLAYERS: Vivek is team captain and goalie of Mostly Old Guys United, an East Bay soccer club. Cheers to all the weekend warriors!
THE DEDICATED VOLUNTEER: Nita Juelich has 95 years of life under her belt. She's spent the last 25 volunteering at Project Open Hand, which feeds 2,500 people in need every day.
THE HUSTLERS: Funkanometry is a non-profit hip-hop dance troupe that really hustles...for charity. Their mission: to entertain, unite and educate all through the love of dance.
THE SURVIVOR: Danny's smile says it all. He's overcome cancer twice in his 27 years, with some loving support from his friends at Camp Okizu.
THE EXPLORERS: Twins Nairobi and Jakobi love to explore...and what better place to satisfy curious minds than the Exploratorium?! ABC7 is a proud partner of the Exploratorium.
THE TECH LOVERS: People in the Bay Area love their technology and their pets! Meet #yogiethedog from Oakland. Share your pet pics with #abc7pets and maybe you'll see them on TV!
THE DEVOTED DAD: Jeff Loving and his wife Brenda adopted 4 beautiful children from Ethiopia. Sadly, Brenda passed away shortly after their family was complete.
THE DREAM CHASERS: Andy and Erin chase their dreams right into the record books. In fact, together this couple holds more than 20 World, National and Guinness World Records.
OUR LITTLE HERO: Where were you the day Batkid saved the City? Who knew that Miles' wish would make everyone stop, enjoy the moment and spread the joy. Best day ever!
QUEEN OF COUTURE: Azadeh's designs are literally fit for a queen. She created garments for the Royal family of Saudi Arabia before styling her way to the Bay Area.
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PHOTOS: Meet Our ABC7 Allies in Action

ABC7 is always on the lookout for real people working in their communities to Build a Better Bay Area... the advocates, the underdogs, the agents of change. We call them our ABC7 Allies in Action, and we hope you are as inspired as we are by their stories!

ALLIES IN ACTION: Click here for local help with complicated issues

SENIOR CARE SUPERHERO: When Julie Hubbard retired from her position at the Yu-Ai Kai Japanese American Senior Center, she knew there was more work to be done. Now, five years after her official retirement, she continues to serve the seniors of San Jose Japantown as a volunteer. Watch the story here. here.

AUTISM ADVOCATE: When Bird struggled to find a comfortable, autistic-led space to unmask in the Bay Area, they decided to create one. Bird founded the Bay Area Autism Collective, a nonprofit dedicated to providing peer support groups led exclusively by autistic people for autistic people. Watch the story here.

POWERFUL PRINCESS: While some college students spend their weekends in the library or out with friends, UC Berkeley junior Abigail Corcio takes a different approach. She volunteers as a Disney princess/storybook character, bringing magic to children across the Bay Area. Watch the story here.

REACHING HIGHER: Higher Ground Neighborhood Development Corporation is an Oakland-based community program that provides safe after-school programs. Led by nonprofit leader Amber Blackwell-Lee, the after-school programs help East Oakland kids become happy and well-rounded adults. Watch the story here.

FLOAT MARSHAL: Meet the man managing the creation of the San Francisco Chinese New Year Parade floats. Tony Lau shares the richness of his Chinese heritage, inviting all to join in the festivities and unite in celebration. Watch the story here.

DELIVERING HOPE: Meals on Wheels spokesperson Jim Oswald shares how the organization not only delivers nutritious meals to older adults in San Francisco, it provides a sense of companionship and other vital services. Watch the story here.

ANTI-BULLY ALLY: Joining the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Peninsula (BGCP) in the fifth grade, Sarahi Perez was grappling with persistent bullying and self-doubt. Today, she is a teen staff member and fierce youth advocate for those that have been in her shoes before. She is one of many that found themselves and a family at the center. Watch the story here.

FREEDOM FIGHTER: Every day, Julia Arroyo watches young girls and trans youth walk through the doors of the Young Women's Freedom Center as images of her younger self. After being involved with the underground street economy, foster care and homelessness, Co-Executive Director Arroyo works to pave the way for others like her and contribute to structural change. Watch the story here.

INNOVATING INDEPENDENCE: IN: San Francisco has helped people with intellectual developmental disabilities find growth and independence for the last six years. The growing success stories motivate Co-Founder and Executive Director Joe Femino to continue supporting those he believes are often underestimated. Watch the story here.

PROUD ADVOCATE: The LGBT Asylum Project provides accessible legal representation to LGBTQ+ asylum seekers. That life-saving work helps this community to overcome past or potential persecution, trauma of unjust treatment and fight to obtain asylum. Co-founder Brooke Westling is dedicated to helping clients gain more than acceptance and love in the Bay Area, but a family. Watch the story here.

TAIKO TITAN: The powerful sound of the taiko drum has been echoing through the streets of the Bay Area for 50 years, connecting communities and serving as a symbol of strength, resilience, and cultural identity. Birthed in the heart of San Jose Japantown, San Jose Taiko is a nonprofit performing arts company dedicated to the development of the taiko art form as well as educational programs. Watch the story here.

GREEN GUARDIAN: Since 1962, Green Foothills has served as a guardian for the open spaces, farmlands, and natural resources of San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties. Board President, Ian Bain, shares more about the organization's ongoing advocacy and current campaigns to help Build a Better Bay Area. Watch the story here.

HOPE AMBASSADOR: Founder Zara Babitzke describes Ambassadors of Hope and Opportunity Project (AHO) as a calling of the heart. The Marin-based non-profit is a safe place where at-risk young adults can find the support needed to overcome hardship and achieve their personal goals. Watch the story here.

PURE GENIUS: Led by CEO Brandon Nicholson, The Hidden Genius Project connects young Black males with the skills, mentors, and experiences that they need to become high-performing entrepreneurs and technologists. Watch the story here.

ANIMAL RESCUER: Victoria (Vicky) Ho Lynn, founder and president of Angels for Humans, Animals and Nature is devoted to educating the public on animal and environmental welfare. The work of Lynn and AHAN seeks to find animals their forever home. Watch the story here.

ENRICHING LIVES THROUGH MUSIC: Music can change the world because it can change a person. This Bay Area program is creating change by bringing musical education into the lives of children in San Rafael and even helping them get into college. Watch the story here.

NATIVE LAND PROTECTOR: The CEO of The Cultural Conservancy Sara Moncada is committed to revitalizing Indigenous agriculture and transcending non-nutritious food diets towards more healthy ways of living. Watch the story here.

HOLISTIC HEALER: Bay Area nonprofit Inner City Bliss is driven by a single goal: Bringing more BLISS into the world. Founder Andre Humphrey cultivates inner peace within the community through trauma-informed, holistic wellness practices that help with trauma recovery. Watch his story here.

INSPIRING COURAGE: Samantha Ramirez has made it her life's mission to always show up with heart and stand for justice. Named San Rafael's "Citizen of the Year," Ramirez leads with courage, kindness, and inclusivity to inspire the youth community throughout this month and always. Watch her story here.

HABITAT HERO: Girl scout Faline Howard's deep admiration for monarchs motivated her to spearhead a movement tackling the monarch's declining population, while promoting conservation and restoration. With every milkweed planted, Howard helps preserve monarch butterflies. Watch her story here!

STEERING INDEPENDENCE: Meet the woman empowering community members with Down syndrome to maximize their individual abilities and help them shine! Laura von Savoye of Down Syndrome Connection offers unique recreational activities, like bike riding, to enrich and impact the lives of people with disabilities. Watch her story here!

TRANSLATINAS ADVOCATE: Nicole Santamaria was forced to flee El Salvador because of her advocacy work for human rights with the LGBTQI community. She has brought her expertise to the Bay Area and provides support for transgender women. Watch her story here!

COMMUNITY AMBASSADOR: After 20 years of incarceration, Sakhone Lasaphangthong transforms pain into purpose to cultivate a cleaner, safer Oakland Chinatown. On any given day, you'll find him and his team cleaning the streets, abating graffiti, and organizing volunteers. It's all to help restore a sense of public safety and neighborhood pride. Watch his story here!

PLANTING JUSTICE: Simone Robinson and Maya Salcedo are addressing structural inequalities and transforming the food system one garden at a time. 'Planting Justice' has built over 550 edible permaculture gardens and created thousands of green jobs. Watch their story here!

RIVETING ROSIES: Two tradeswomen who worked in home front shipyards during World War II share their stories of sacrifice while celebrating profound social change. They're known as "Rosies" in the spirit of Rosie the Riveter's "We Can Do It!" mindset. Watch their story here!

BAKING WITH PURPOSE: Rize Up Bakery founder Azikiwee Anderson reinvents sourdough bread with unique ingredients while feeding Bay Area communities in need. When customers buy two loaves of his "Pay It Forward" bread, one is donated on the purchaser's behalf to Bay Area food banks, homeless shelters, and more. Watch his story here!

CHINATOWN CHAMPION: Meet the man preserving Chinatown's cultural identity while tackling food and housing inequities. Malcolm Yeung helps Chinatown keep its cultural identity while ensuring affordable housing for its most vulnerable residents. Watch his story here!

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Canine Companions connects a variety of assistance dogs with those who need them most.

CANINE COMPANIONS: Leading the service dog industry, "Canine Companions" expertly trains puppies to become skilled assistants for adults, children, and veterans with disabilities. The furry helpers are paired up with clients for unique support that's free of charge. Learn more about Canine Companions here.

HIP HOP HERO: One man is setting the stage for community empowerment through Hip Hop culture, and he's passing the mic to youth in the Bay Area. Musical artist and community organizer, Khafre Jay merged activism and expressive arts to found HipHopForChange. The nonprofit organization uses Hip Hop culture as a vehicle for education and storytelling, uplifting voices through performance. Watch his story here!

YOUTH CHANGEMAKER: Activist Tiana Day inspires youth to stand up, take charge, and be the positive change they'd like to see in the world. Her nonprofit organization Youth Advocates for Change hosts fundraising events, organizes rallies, and records podcasts--all with youth voices at the forefront. Watch her story here!

MAN WITH A MISSION: One man is helping to mobilize the Mission District during these challenging times. He's Roberto Hernandez, known in the community as the mayor of the Mission. Roberto recently founded Mission Food Hub, an organization that tackles food inequity while strengthening community trust in COVID-19 vaccination. Watch his story here!

COMMUNITY CRUSADER: Health and environmental justice organization Greenaction mobilizes community power to activate change in communities that need it most. At the forefront of the environmental justice movement, Greenaction's Co-founder Bradley Angel champions cleaner air in San Francisco's Bayview-Hunters Point neighborhood. Watch his story here!

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A newly unveiled mural adorns the SF LGBT Center featuring 12 vibrant likenesses of local and international LGBTQ+ figures.

ARTISTS IN ACTION: A vibrant mural has been unveiled at the corner of one of San Francisco's busiest intersections. The powerful message and the iconic location are symbols of pride for San Francisco's LGBTQ+ community, and for the talented artists who created it--Juan Manuel Carmona and Simón Malvaez. Watch their story here!

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Amidst attacks against AAPI elders, AACI's Dr. Nira Singh leads culturally sensitive mental health services to help community members heal.

COMPASSIONATE HEALER: Clinical psychologist Dr. Nira Singh has made it her life's mission to provide culturally sensitive mental health services to marginalized communities throughout Santa Clara County. Watch her story here!

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Isha Clarke advocates for sustainability and equity through her Bay Area-based climate justice group Youth Vs. Apocalypse.

CLIMATE CHAMPION: A group of youth climate activists is championing social and environmental change not only during Earth month, but everyday. Leading the charge in the Bay Area is 18-year-old Isha Clarke whose work is rebuilding an equitable and sustainable planet. Watch her story here!

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Founded by Emily Pilloton, Girls Garage provides enriching design and building programs for young women to strengthen confidence and resilience.

POWER BUILDER: At every stage of life, having the tools to succeed makes a difference. For a group of girls in West Berkeley, those tools are powered. Literally. They're members of Girls Garage. Founded by Emily Pilloton, it's a workshop built to foster confidence and agency, so young women can build the life of their dreams. Watch their story here!

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The founders of Compton's Transgender Cultural District describe how the world's first legally recognized transgender district came to be.

TRANS DISTRICT TRAILBLAZERS: Since as early as the 1920s, San Francisco's Tenderloin District has been a home for transgender residents--and that's still true today. Within a 6-block section of the Tenderloin, known as Compton's Transgender Cultural District, three Black trans leaders are Building a Better Bay Area, by creating a safe, welcoming, and empowering neighborhood, led by trans people, for trans people. Watch their story here!

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In many communities across the Bay Area people are in need. Whether it be from impact from the COVID-19 pandemic or for other reasons, a need is felt. In East Oakland one community organization is stepping up to help.

COMMUNITY BUILDER: In many communities across the Bay Area, people are in need. Whether it be from impact of the COVID-19 pandemic or for other reasons, a need is felt. In East Oakland, one community organization Trybe is stepping up to help. Watch Trybe's story here.

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Antoine Hunter is a professional dancer and the artistic director of the Urban Jazz Dance Company. He is also deaf.

DANCING OUT LOUD: Antoine Hunter is a professional dancer and the artistic director of the Urban Jazz Dance Company. He is also deaf. Hunter founded the Bay Area International Deaf Dance Festival, an annual event that showcases the artistic contributions of deaf and hard of hearing people from all over the world. Watch his story here.

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Brianna Noble took her horse "Dapper Dan" to a protest in Oakland against police brutality after the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. With a "Black Lives Matter" sign slung over Dapper Dan's back.

NOBLE RIDER: On the morning of May 29, Brianna Noble took her 17-hand horse "Dapper Dan" to a protest in Oakland against police brutality after the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. With a "Black Lives Matter" sign slung over Dapper Dan's back, Brianna was not aware of the impact she was about to have as she trotted down Broadway.Watch her story here!

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Aesha Ash is founder of The Swan Dreams Project, a self-funded program that aims to get people to think twice about stereotypes.

SWAN DREAMER: Being a black woman in a world dominated by white dancers is not easy. Aesha Ash travels the country with the message that talent shouldn't be constrained by race or socio-economic status. Her goal: to encourage young people to persevere and dare to dream. Watch her story here!

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Three Bay Area filmmakers are using their passion to share stories that inspire them.

PASSION CREATORS: Three Bay Area filmmakers are following their passion and using it to tell stories about the human experience. Sephora Woldu, Nicolas Jara and Reid Davenport are local filmmakers who shared with us what drives them to tell stories. Check out their stories and find out how they are using their craft to tell important stories.

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San Francisco Ballet's youngest male principal dancer believes in spreading kindness when he's off stage. Benjamin Freemantle offers free haircuts to those who are down on their luck. Learn about his story here:

RAISING THE BARRE: San Francisco Ballet's youngest male principal dancer believes in spreading kindness when he's off stage. Benjamin Freemantle is also a self-taught barber and hits the streets around Civic Center to offer free haircuts to those who are down on their luck. Learn about his story here!

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As the Oakland Ballet Company celebrates its 48th season performing the Nutcracker, ABC7 News is recognizing a man, making a difference for his dancers and to the community around him.

AMBASSADOR OF DANCE: As the Oakland Ballet Company celebrates its 48th season performing the Nutcracker, ABC7 News is recognizing a man, making a difference for his dancers and to the community around him. Read on to find out why Artistic Director Graham Lustig is this month's ABC7 Star!

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A 16-year-old Fremont girl isn't just talking about saving the planet, she's taking her own steps online, in the classroom and on the international stage.

GREYWATER RECYCLER: Sixteen-year-old Shreya Ramachandran isn't just TALKING about saving the planet, she's taking her own steps online, in the classroom and on the international stage. Her nonprofit Grey Water Project is the result of years of research and advocates repurposing lightly used water from the home to flush toilets and irrigate landscape. Watch her inspiring story here!

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Inside Devlin Carter's Oakland show room, you'll find his designs. But, upstairs on the weekend, a fascinating operation is underway -- he's teaching kids how to sew.

SEWING INSPIRATION: Fashion and footwear designer Devlin Carter's sneakers have blown up on Instagram. His unique style has gained the attention of thousands of people and celebrities all over the world. Inside Carter's Oakland show room, you'll find his designs. But, upstairs on the weekend, a fascinating operation is underway. He's teaching kids how to sew. Here's his story!

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Some of us can barely keep our closets organized, but one woman in the East Bay has taken up the task of organizing thousands of donated items to help those in her community, and in turn prevent child abuse.

OPEN-HEARTED ORGANIZER: Some of us can barely keep our own closets organized. Dori Freitas has been a steady volunteer at Bay Area Crisis Nursery, helping organize thousands of donated items each year to help those in her community, and in turn, prevent child abuse. Learn about her story here!
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An East Palo Alto mom is making a difference in her community by showing them it's never too late to achieve your dreams and proves than an "education delayed is not an education denied."

Lisa Gauthier has earned star status through her inspiring journey to reclaiming her education. Lisa is not your typical college student- she's also a third term East Palo Alto Mayor! Through her position as Government Affairs Manager at, she paved a new path for herself and others like her who lack the time or money to enroll in a traditional college setting. Gauthier recently graduated and received a Bachelor's degree from Thomas Edison State University while simultaneously serving as Mayor. Lisa proved her own motto as true: Education delayed is not education denied. Go here for her full story!

Go here to see more ABC7 Stars or here for more Allies in Action.