Angels for Humans, Animals, and Nature finds forever homes for rescue animals

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Wednesday, February 1, 2023
AHAN founder Victoria Lynn helps unite humans with rescue animals
Angels for Humans, Animals, and Nature seeks to unite animals and humans by rescuing neglected animals.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Animals have been companions to humans for centuries. Providing protection and services to people, it is heartwarming to witness an animal find their forever home.

Angels for Humans, Animals, and Nature (AHAN) seeks to unite animals and humans by rescuing otherwise neglected animals. Fostering them back to health as they wait to be adopted, Lynn believes in the power of companionship animals can provide people.

"If the dog feels the love from you...of course, they will communicate with you. I do believe that," said Lynn.

With many animals being left in vulnerable situations, the impact that AHAN is able to have on the lives of these animals is admirable. Rescuing these animals from shocking conditions, they strive to help as many animals as they possibly can.

"According to my calculations we have probably saved 10 to 20,000 if you include cats about 20,000, but just dogs about over 10,000," expressed Lynn.

The work of AHAN also extends beyond the borders of the Bay Area, with many dogs being rescued from abroad. Particularly looking to Taiwan, Lynn connects with Jessamy Chiang to evaluate the rescued dogs and prepare them for their travel.

"When they are getting ready to come, the foster or rescuer, they usually start to use English commands to train them a little, but I think it's a universal language when the dogs are here," described Lynn. "You feel it from the heart, and they are very perceptive and they know somebody loves them."

The energy that the dogs exude following their rescue is a testament to the great work Lynn and AHAN are doing. By extending a helping hand towards animals, Lynn believes that the work that she does reflects a greater picture of unity and harmony between man and nature.

"Slowly but surely we all start to learn about how to love not only ourselves...but also other living creatures on this earth," said Lynn.

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