'How do you draw an X?' - the latest viral sensation

HORSHAM, Pa. -- It seems like a simple question: How do you draw an X?

But thanks to a Montgomery County woman, the query has become the biggest thing on social media since 'Yanny versus Laurel'.

On Saturday, Kasey decided to tweet out something she found while scrolling through her Facebook feed.

The Horsham, Pennsylvania resident posted a graphic that asked which way you draw an X, with the colored line being the first stroke.

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Within minutes the question had taken off, with people losing their minds over the possibilities.

Instead of freaking out over the 25,000 or so responses, Kasey got to work.

Being interested in data collection and how a person's location affects their habits, Kasey started analyzing the tweet-storm. She discovered that those from the UK were mostly 5s and 6s, wWhile people from the U.S. were rigid 7s and 8s.

The one consenus? People who draw an X like the 2nd graphic might be monsters.
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