New hope for hard-luck residents of Santa Rosa mobile home park destroyed in wildfire

SANTA ROSA, Calif. (KGO) -- There is new hope for hard-luck residents of Journey's End mobile homes. Sonoma County may long-term lease out a paddock behind the Fairgrounds, allowing construction of a new home park for them.

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The concept still needs approval from Fairgrounds Board and Board of Supervisors.

For Journey's End embattled residents like Steve Morrow, who now rents a 5th Wheel for $1,100 per month, it could be a lifesaver. His mobile home remains locked behind the gate in a condemned community. He hasn't the funds to move it.

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Burbank Housing and the Buddhist Tau Chi Foundation have taken the lead in trying to get the new project approved. Even if all goes smoothly, the wait could be 18 months.

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