Protest after East Palo Alto city officials force RVs to move

EAST PALO ALTO, Calif. (KGO) -- There is a battle over RV parking in East Palo Alto. About 75 people gathered on Weeks Street in East Palo Alto Wednesday morning to send a message to the city.

Neighbors say 50 to 70 people live in about 15 RVs, along with other vehicles, that are normally parked on the road. But on Wednesday, just two remain, because they're incapable of moving.

The others have moved, many are parked around the corner. What's left behind on Weeks Street are "No Parking" signs put up by the city, Tuesday afternoon.
People living on the street say they were given less than 24 hours to move. Neighbors say Weeks Street floods when it rains. The municipal code cited on the no-parking signs is for emergencies or construction. The parking restrictions are in place for 60 days. Protesters want a safe alternative, if these people are forced to move.

The Public Works and Transportation Committee is meeting tonight. On the agenda, is a recommendation to the City Council to adopt a parking ordinance to restrict parking of oversize vehicles in the city. Many at the protest say they're going to attend the meeting. Click here is the agenda.
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