San Jose considered one of the most underappreciated cities in America

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- Silicon Valley is known as the global center for tech and innovation. However, across the country, most associate the high-tech hub with another popular Bay Area city.

"San Francisco is usually the place that they know," San Jose resident, Matt Murphy told ABC7 News.

To get technical, San Jose has been dubbed the capital of Silicon Valley.

Travel, food and entertainment website Thrillist recently touted San Jose as one of the most underappreciated cities in America.

"Yeah, I kind of agree with it," Murphy said.

However, visitors and residents like Murphy understand the city's value. For one, the mystique of the Winchester Mystery House, the detail in murals across Downtown San Jose, days spent socializing at San Pedro Square, the bold installations at the Institute of Contemporary Art, and the culture.

"We have the largest Vietnamese population right outside Vietnam," Frances Wong said. "I mean, that's huge!"

Wong is the communications director at Visit San Jose.

You can't miss Japantown, or other little international enclaves around the city either.

"You almost don't have to leave the country," Derek Sanada told ABC7 News. "You could get everything you want, worldwide here."

The San Jose Sharks bring professional sports to the SAP Center-- which, ironically, was recently named the "top concert arena in the Bay Area."

"The Sharks made a big difference when they moved the team downtown," Murphy said.

Much more is expected in the heart of the city soon.

"Google's having its new headquarters here," Milpitas resident, Sean Pan pointed out. "So, it's already doing a lot for its own publicity."

Publicly, even San Jose State was named the "most underrated college in the country."

Wong at Visit San Jose said it isn't seen as an insult, rather a testament to the city's humility.

"We don't promote ourselves. We are humble," she explained. "We mind our own business and we just do our thing."

She added, "We're the center of tech and innovation. People are looking to us for changing culture, changing design, and change in the way the world thinks."

For information on events in San Jose, click here for Visit San Jose.
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