1,000 volunteers participate in 33rd annual Coastal Cleanup Day

SAN FRANCISCO -- One-thousand volunteers came to Ocean Beach in San Francisco - not to swim, but to clean.

Saturday was the 33rd annual California Coastal Cleanup Day.

The trash cleanup spread in San Francisco from Fort Funston all the way to Candlestick.

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A spokeswoman from the Golden Gate National Recreation Area said people are usually pretty good about picking up their stuff, but that's not enough.

"The problem with some of our beaches is that we collect debris that washes up on the shore from the Pacific Ocean, so based on the statistics that we're picking up today, we're going to be able to identify what kind of trash is out here, and how that's affecting our habitat," Maria Rosario said

With 80 percent of the clean-up sites reporting in California - volunteers picked up almost 534,000 pounds of trash.

Last year across the country 18.3 million pounds of trash and debris were collected.

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