Postal inspector investigating rash of mail theft in South San Jose neighborhood

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Saturday, January 30, 2016
Postal inspector investigating mail thefts in San Jose
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Residents are very concerned and worried after finding mail thieves broke into more than 100 mailboxes overnight.

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- There's major concern and worry in one South San Jose neighborhood after thieves broke into more than 100 mailboxes overnight. It's a federal offense, and the region's postal inspector has now gotten involved.

The thieves are bold and fearless who have stolen from more than 100 families near the Ranch Golf Club.

First, they jimmied the master box where incoming mail goes. That allows the entire row of boxes to swing open, giving the suspects access to everything.

The thieves didn't seem to be worried about much, including a surveillance camera that was pointed right at them, or even neighbors who could have heard them.

"It's quite courageous for them to come here and open all of it," said Kirti Kumar, a San Jose resident.

The thieves weren't worried about the security cameras, which was pointed right at them at the time. One resident said thieves have hit the boxes twice in seven days. It's also the third time in a matter of months, which is why the Postal Inspector is now involved.

Residents are worried about their own safety and personal security.

"This is the time you get W2s and I think they're targeting that basically, getting access to personal information," said resident T.J. Sanghvi.

Mail theft is a federal crime punishable with five years in prison.