Sports Basement offers fitness fans 3D body-screening for charity

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- We all talk about getting in shape, but what does that really look like.

Sports Basement has 3D fitness scanners set up in three stores for a six-week challenge that lets users see how fit they really are while also giving back to those in need.

Spinning around on a turntable with a camera racing up and down, it didn't take long for Fit3D's full body scanner to create an scan.

"Everbody's first time in my experience has been one of awe, shock. You get to see yourself in a light you've never seen before," said Reijo Ratilainen, Fit3D operations director.

It's not supposed to be pretty.

"I think my most common response is silence. A moment of internal reflection, and they go,'oh, that's where my love handles are,'" Ratilainen said.

The scanners are making their way into health clubs and weight loss clinics, some say it's a more helpful alternative to stepping on the scale.

"Body mass index, they look at the scale, the weight, when in fact you should look at just overall your body shape," said Sports Basement spokesman Steve Whan.

That's why Sports Basement has the scanners set up in three stores for a six-week challenge. In order to determine the winner, the stores will look at the overall change in body inches over the six weeks.

Joining the challenge may be good for your health, but it's also good for people halfway around the world. Most of the proceeds benefit a charity that helps people with health needs that in some cases are far more urgent.

"Everything from sight restoring cataract procedures to life saving heart surgeries, to cancer care," said Grace Garey, Watsi co-founder.

Watsi is the nonprofit that lets you choose which patient to fund with your $20 entry fee. They work in countries including Cambodia, where access to health care can be complicated.

"Giving back is the first thing that reeled me into this," said Melissa Cheng.

Cheng said she's not excited about seeing her own 3D image but she is excited to make a difference.

"And really see the tangible impact that they've made on someone's life across the world by building their own healthier life here at home," Garey said.
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