Brandon Jennings: Warriors' late 3-point attempt 'very disrespectful'

ByChris Haynes ESPN logo
Monday, April 3, 2017

OAKLAND, Calif. -- The Washington Wizards thought that the Golden State Warriorspiled on late in the fourth quarter of their 139-115 blowout victory on Sunday night and felt disrespected.

Stephen Curry had a game-high 42 points and was 9-of-14 from beyond the 3-point arc, and Draymond Green ended with a triple-double of 11 points, 12 rebounds and 13 assists. Both were left on the court to finish the game against the Wizards' bench. Green secured the triple-double feat by hitting a 3-pointer with 34 seconds remaining in the contest.

And to escalate matters, with the Warriors up 137-115, backup center JaVale McGee chose to shoot a 3 from the right corner with 4.8 seconds left on the shot clock and 6.9 seconds on the game clock.

After releasing the ball, Wizards backup point guard Brandon Jennings shoved McGee to the ground, earning a flagrant foul 1.

"Yep, totally agree," Wizards guard John Wall said when asked whether the Warriors treated the game disrespectfully in the closing minutes. "Whenever a team is up like that, supposedly, you just hold the ball and take a shot-clock violation. So, what Brandon did, I don't think it was dirty. I think it was the right play. You don't let nobody try to embarrass you and I think that's what they were trying to do."

Jennings didn't have any regrets.

"It was very disrespectful," Jennings said. "Thank God he didn't go to the rack, it probably would have been worse for him. But any time like that, I think you should let [the] clock run out. I think it was already disrespectful that they were trying to get Draymond a triple-double, Steph was out there with 40. So, I just felt it was disrespectful.

"I'm old-school. Like I said, he better be glad he shot that 3 and didn't go to the basket."

McGee brushed off Jennings' comments.

"I'm glad Brandon fouled me," he said. "I was going to air-ball that 3. Shout-out to Brandon Jennings."

One Warrior called Jennings' bluff.

"Brandon isn't going to do anything," Matt Barnes told ESPN. "But I understand where he's coming from. I would just wrap somebody up in that situation, but it is what it is. He's not going to do anything."

Clearly miffed with the Warriors, Wizards coach Scott Brooks called a full timeout after McGee connected on two free throws with six seconds left to play.

When asked about Warriors coach Steve Kerr leaving two of his stars in the game, Brooks said, "I'm not worried about what they're trying to do. I'm focused on how we play and how we want to continue to play. That's none of my business."

Kerr agreed that McGee shouldn't have shot that 3 but said his intentions were not to show up the opponent.

"[The closing seconds were] kind of strange," Kerr said. "I think JaVale should not have taken that 3. When you have a lead like that, you shouldn't be shooting 3-pointers. I told him that. I think he understands that. I don't have a problem taking a shot when there is a shot-clock differential. I never understood why a team would be offended if there is a shot-clock deferential. We dribble out the clock and take a turnover? I don't think you should shoot a 3, either. I guess that [is] what Jennings was upset about. I was uncomfortable with the way it ended.

"I apologized to Scott. I know he wasn't happy. There was absolutely no offense on our part. We weren't trying to pour it on or offend anybody. I think JaVale just knew there was a shot-clock differential, but taking a 3 is not the right thing to do."

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