Reggie Wayne: 'I'm ready to go'

ByMike Wells ESPN logo
Wednesday, July 23, 2014

ANDERSON, Ind. -- The revving of the engine could be heard well into the distance. Indianapolis Colts coaches and players lined up with their phones ready to snap pictures, as they knew veteran receiver Reggie Wayne was ready to make his customary grand entrance to training camp at Anderson University.

And in typical fashion, Wayne didn't disappoint, reporting to training camp Wednesday morning in an Indy car driven by professional driver Ed Carpenter.

"I want one of these," Wayne said after climbing out of the back seat of the car. "I enjoyed every little bit of that. It was fun. I'm a guy that likes speed, which is one way to get that speed in me."

Wayne, whose 2013 season ended with a torn ACL in Week 7, said he's been cleared to take part in training camp.

"I've been cleared, yes I have, I'm ready to go. Hopefully if things stay the course, I'll be out there [Thursday for the first day of training camp practice]."

Wayne has a history of making his arrival known at camp. He arrived in a helicopter last year, and he has also shown up in a dump truck, military convoy and even in a bus that was full of kids.

Wayne had a different idea of how he wanted to arrive, but it was shot down, and somebody mentioned an Indy car, since Indiana is home to the Indianapolis 500.

"Ed and his crew are an outstanding group, a first-class organization, like the Colts," Wayne said. "They did a great job of setting it up for me. I'm truly appreciative. I thanked them infinity for making this happen. This is by far my favorite."

Wayne and Carpenter got in the car at the exit off I-69 and made the five-mile drive to the college campus.

"I feel privileged and honored to be asked to bring Reggie," Carpenter said. "At first I was kind of hoping we had a police escort so we didn't have to stop at lights. It was kind of cool stopping at lights and being parked next to people. I think people figured it out pretty quick. I think the [Wayne's] helmet was a dead giveaway."

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