Staples, Office Depot offering to laminate your COVID-19 vaccine cards for free

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Monday, March 29, 2021
Staples, Office Depot to laminate vaccine cards for free
The COVID-19 vaccination card could soon prove to be invaluable as people begin to resume normal activities.

A pair of retailers are helping fully-vaccinated Americans keep track of their COVID-19 dose history.

Office Depot and Staples locations are offering free lamination of COVID-19 vaccine cards at locations across the country.

Staples is offering those free services through this week and Office Depot will have that free lamination program into the summer.

The COVID-19 vaccination card is not just a badge of honor, but also a vital document, as vaccination efforts for the virus ramp up across the country.

It could soon prove to be invaluable when people begin to resume normal activities. You may be asked to show the card as proof of your vaccination status, say, before you board a plane, enter a school, attend an indoor entertainment event or visit someone in the hospital.

The information written on the card about the vaccine lot and the brand of vaccine you received may also be important to streamline possible future booster shots.

So experts advise you to keep your vaccination card close and safe to help you navigate the new post-pandemic world.