Stolen truck slams into Antioch home

ANTIOCH, Calif. (KGO) -- A stolen truck crashed into a home in Antioch during a police chase late Sunday night, according to police.

"I heard the sound like boom, and I thought somebody was shooting. And I ran out to the stairs and then the cop knocked on the door and told me to open the door. But the door is stuck and the cop told me to move away from the door. And he kicked the door out and then take me out and told me to stand outside," said Vincent Tran. He said it was scary.

The neighbor across the street also woke up to the sound of the crash.

"I heard some sirens and some police cars driving and then heard this really loud boom that jolted me awake. My husband slept through it. I woke him up and I was like oh my god, did you hear that?" said Jessica Conroy.

Police say the driver was taken to the hospital but is expected to be OK. They plan to arrest him for stealing the truck and evading police. They have not released identifying information about him.

The damaged home has been boarded up and the stop sign he knocked over has been replaced.

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