Super Bowl 2020: Your guide to the best TVs for watching the game

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- TV shopping has changed. The screens are all pretty big and the pixel counts are pretty high. Instead, you now need to ask about refresh rate, how quickly the picture turns over.

"You want something that has at least 120 hertz refresh, especially if you want to watch the big game," Best Buy In-Home Advisor Konrad Johnson told me. "Anything with fast motion is going to need something with that refresh rate otherwise you will get some artifacting, ghosting -- it isn't going to look quite right. So 120 hertz is one of the biggest things."

Consumer Reports tests TVs looking for the best. Senior Tech Editor Jim Willcox has these suggestions:

"If you can splurge a little, we really like the LG OLED TVs. They top our ratings. They are a bit pricey, about $1,800 for a 65-inch set, that's the C9, but they do everything well," said Willcox.

Willcox also says if you want to spend less, he has this suggestion: "If you have about $1,200 we really like the Samsung's QLED TV. That is their top line series of TVs and there is a model called the Q70... and it does a great job of reducing motion blur. Sometimes LEDs blur during very fast-moving scenes, which you see in sports."

That "motion blur" can be dealt with by going through all of the TV's settings one by one, but here's an easier way: If your TV set has a "sport" setting turn that on -- it actually works, making fast motion more crisp. If your TV doesn't have a sports setting, but has a "movie mode"... turn that off.

And here's some final advice from Willcox.

"Just remember that a lot of people buy on price," he told me. "And certainly we see some of these TCl's (brand), for example, that do a good job and only cost $700 or $800 for a 65-inch TV. You are going to live with that TV for a long time, so sometimes buying the cheapest TV isn't the best deal."

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