Taco cannon coming to University of Nebraska at Omaha

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Friday, April 24, 2015

OMAHA, Neb. -- T-shirt cannons are common at sporting events. But sometimes, people get hungry. So why not create a cannon that shoots tacos?

The University of Nebraska at Omaha teamed up with VooDoo Tacos to create a device that launches tacos into the stands.

Eric Newton, who owns the Omaha taco shop, said the foil-wrapped meals may not make it to fans undamaged. But they will be able to eat them.

"I am just a little kid and it sounded like fun. I was like, 'Taco cannon!' That justified the expense. My partners laughed at me and said, 'That's dumb.' Now they are emailing me and saying that is about the best thing we have ever bought," Newton said.

The tacos will start flying this fall, once the school's new arena opens.