Tesla drivers torn over Musk's ties to Trump

SAN MATEO, Calif. (KGO) -- As if the Trump presidency wasn't already dividing America, we have a new fissure in one of the most unusual places. It has to do with Tesla cars.

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It's a matter of guilt by association. Tesla CEO Elon Musk is serving on advisory councils with President Trump. It has the Tesla nation in turmoil.

If we didn't know better, the site of people lining up at Tesla Supercharge stations might remind us of gas lines in the 70s. Cars and drivers aren't waiting for fuel, at a Tesla supercharging station they're getting juice.

It seems these stations aren't so exclusive anymore.

Victor Luscap spent at least an hour after work at the station talking Tesla with all the other Tesla talkers.

They have a new subject after reports of at least five people, nationwide who have taken back their deposits for new Teslas because Tesla founder Elon Musk is working with President Trump on at least two advisory councils for economics and manufacturing.

it's guilt by association, the critics infer. Now they're voting with their wallets.

"Well it's like saying you don't like someone who works in the oil company so you won't buy gasoline. You have to separate that," said Tesla owner Doug Mason.

For the record, Elon Musk did not support Donald Trump in the election and has no direct comment in response to this latest move, but earlier this week he told Gizmodo, "Simply attacking him will achieve nothing. Better than that, there are open channels of communication."

Nobody disagreed with that in San Mateo Tuesday.

"Donald Trump is President and he deserves the best advice and guidance on clean energy policy and bringing manufacturing jobs to America," said another owner Mark Bagley.

In short, it appears possible to be both a car guy and a political person. At least here, they get along.

"I don'tk now how much of a car is a personal statement," said Bagley. "There is a lot of people cancelling Uber for the same thing.

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