'The Lost Season': Follow college recruiting journey of Bay Area athletes amid COVID-19 pandemic

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SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- ABC Owned Television Station ABC7 (KGO-TV) announces the release of the docuseries "The Lost Season," which chronicles the college recruiting journey of three Bay Area high school seniors during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Shot over 11 months, the series follows football player Joe Tongamoa of Saint Francis High School in Mountain View, soccer player Marcie Chan of Aragon High School in San Mateo, and basketball player Tejaun Hale of Oakland Tech in Oakland.

The series captures their personal stories of trying to earn a college scholarship while navigating the obstacles created by the pandemic, all the while trying to keep themselves and their families healthy.

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Joe Tongamoa

(Hayward, CA)
Joe Tongamoa of Saint Francis High School is pictured in these undated photos.

'Lost Season' athlete: Joe Tongamoa, football player at Saint Francis High School (Mountain View).


Joe is soft-spoken off the football field. But on the gridiron, his actions speak loudly. The multi-skilled player from Saint Francis High School in Mountain View generated interest from Division I football programs before the pandemic, but was counting on his senior season to generate offers from big-time programs. With a severely delayed season, Joe leans on the support of his large Polynesian family. Their love helps him figure out what to do to keep his dream alive, even as the coronavirus impacts his own family.

Marcie Chan

(San Mateo)
Marcie Chan of Aragon High School is pictured in these undated photos

'Lost Season' athlete: Marcie Chan, soccer player at Aragon High School (San Mateo).


Marcie is a hard-working star of the Aragon High School girls soccer team. Her coaches call her energy "infectious." She seemed to be a lock for a scholarship from a major college program before the pandemic hit, but when the coronavirus arrived, the offers didn't materialize. With support from her coaches and guidance from her older sister, who is currently playing soccer in college, Marcie tries to figure out how to keep this dream alive.

Tejaun Hale

Tejaun Hale of Oakland Tech is pictured in these undated photos

'Lost Season' athlete: Tejaun Hale, basketball player at Oakland Tech High School (Oakland).


Tejaun is a star basketball player from Oakland Tech high school. The season before the pandemic he was named league MVP and led his team to back-to-back league championships. Tejaun seemed on track for offers from Division I schools before the pandemic hit. But without games to show his development as a senior, his recruiting slowed to a halt. Guided by his high school coach, Tejaun battles through a COVID-19 scare to keep his dream alive.

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