Luke steals the show...again on 'The Bachelorette: The Men Tell All'

ByJennifer Matarese KGO logo
Tuesday, July 23, 2019
Luke steals the show on 'The Bachelorette: The Men Tell All'
ABC reports on "The Bachelorette: The Men Tell All."

NEW YORK -- Chris Harrison promised that "The Men Tell All" would be different this time around. He was right. We picked back up, not on the live stage, but with the rose ceremony that we didn't get to see yet from last week. Peter, Tyler, and Jed remain and Hannah is supposed to pick two of the men to move on into the last episode.

Luke, of course, isn't finished. He decided that he would get all dressed up and go to the rose ceremony anyway. He is convinced that Hannah loves him and that she's making a huge mistake in sending him home. Luke was holding an engagement ring in his hands!

She walked out and found Luke standing there like he was never sent home! The first thing she said is, "Why are you here?" The guys thought she meant that she didn't want to talk to him before handing out the roses and then they were all shocked to learn that Luke had already been eliminated. They let Luke continue until Hannah got visibly frustrated, so the three of them started to get in between Hannah and Luke. Then Chris Harrison stepped forward. He asked Hannah what she wanted and Hannah confirmed for the millionth time that she wanted him to leave. Chris told Hannah that Luke even had brought a ring for her. The other guys were so happy that Luke was gone, they nearly cried tears of joy.

Luke in the Hot Seat

The crowd gave him a Lukewarm applause (get it?) as he walked out and took his seat. He said that he had just wanted clarity or closure with Hannah. He didn't want Hannah to feel judged. He blamed the way the conversation went with Hannah on her. Chris Harrison said it seemed obvious that Hannah had sex and that her decision doesn't jive with Luke's beliefs. He asked why Luke didn't just leave and he said it came down to love at first sight and her personality that he was drawn to. Chris said that how they apply faith in their relationships was very interesting and it ultimately led to the demise of their relationship. Luke admitted that he still loves her, but he knows that she isn't his person. The live crowd gasped when Luke said, "If I could go back, I wouldn't change a thing."

Luke then said, "I felt like I was on a rescue mission for Hannah." He said that he thought that the other guys weren't good for Hannah. Devin then randomly came out on stage and he said he and the other guys are backstage and his blood was boiling watching him. He said that all Luke wants is a woman to control. Luke sat there thinking for what seemed like an eternity and then said the last thing that he wants is to control a woman and he does want an independent woman. He said although, "A man is supposed to lead and guide a woman in a relationship."

The Group of Men Takes the Stage

Luke said that he thought he had it in the bag with Hannah. He thought that gave him a target on his back. Mike talked about how Luke couldn't stay in his lane and he just couldn't get past himself. "Your future wife is going to be a prisoner of you if you don't know how to change," Mike said. Connor told Luke that he respected him for showing up, but that they were waiting for his actions to change and they never did. Luke then apologized for the bald-faced lies, being prideful, and said that he hoped the guys would support him as he tried to change. Mike said he doesn't accept it because Luke said he wouldn't change anything, so why would they believe him?

John Paul Jones in the Hot Seat

I think he was brought on stage basically to promote his appearance on "Bachelor in Paradise." He said he just had the best time on the show. He had a good time hanging out with Hannah and getting to know the guys. Then some random girl from the audience came downstairs to hug him. She creepily came down with scissors and asked if she could have a clipping of his hair. Ew. Don't they have a metal detector in that studio? Then in his honor, Chris Harrison gave everyone chicken nuggets.

Mike in the Hot Seat

This guy is definitely one of the frontrunners to be the next "Bachelor." However, did you know that he and Demi Lovato have been flirting online? He could be off the market soon if something materializes! Mike talked about how hard his breakup with Hannah was on him. He said that he was sad that Hannah never got to meet his mom, sister, and grandmother.

Bachelor Live

Chris Harrison announced "The Bachelor Live on Stage" is coming to a city near you, and is hosted by former Bachelor Ben Higgins. Tickets are available starting July 26th.

Hannah in the Hot Seat

Hannah said that the feeling of "love at first sight" with Luke on night one, pretty much came from a place of insecurity. Luke affirming his intentions and he gave her hope, and she said that she felt safe that at least he was there for her. She said she is glad that relationship is behind her and she said, "I deserved so much more than what I put up with." Luke said that he was sorry he made the process for her so difficult and he thanked her for teaching him to self-reflect. She didn't like that he used their shared faith against her. Hannah said that the basis of what she believes is love and understanding and not shaming.

Hannah said that she did believe what the other men said about Luke, but she wanted to make up her own mind and see it and feel it for herself. She said she felt it and saw it for herself in that fantasy date dinner, and she had that clarity that she had been seeking. Hannah then went on to say she's over being slut-shamed and that the fantasy suites were not just about the physical experience.

Luke then left to catch a flight, and Hannah took a moment to talk with Mike. She talked about how hard their goodbye was but wanted him to know how much she valued his support. Garrett asked Hannah if they should have done anything to help her see Luke's qualities sooner, and she said she doesn't regret the way everything happened because the relationship that she had with Luke is a relationship that a lot of women can relate to. She hopes that her experience and knowing her worth can help someone else get out of a toxic relationship. Then Hannah apologized to "Bachelor Nation" for allowing Luke to be on their televisions for so long.

Sneak Peek

We get a glimpse of Hannah having a hard time choosing between the final three still. Then it's down to two, but we don't know which two! She finally will pick her final one. Then we see Hannah trip over her heel and roll in the street! What?! It's one of the most confusing promos ever seen.

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