Coronavirus Impact: City orders SF event venue to close, owners argue they've followed COVID-19 safety protocols

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Two San Francisco business owners say they followed the rules and were still shut down by the city last week. The two own the Midway SF venue and had planned a 3-day distanced "Mask-Erade" but the City of San Francisco said "no."

Outside of the venue, there are yellow squares where tables would go. Socially distanced and in the street. It's part of the COVID-19 setup at the Midway San Francisco, a venue that was forced to close this past Friday after the city gave them a cease and desist order citing social distancing and food requirements.

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"It's no willy-nilly, it's done out, it's planned out, it's executed," says Peter Glikshtern who is a part owner of the location.

He says that social distancing has been implemented outside and there is a kitchen. Patrons can order food and drinks while they listen to a DJ on the end of the street. Something that has gone on for the last six to seven weeks.

While the table locations are located in a large area going all the way down the street, Glikshtern says everything has been strategically set up.

"There weren't going to be anywhere near the number of people that we have at Dolores Park every day of the week."

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Glikshtern and his business partner Jordan Langer have more than 50 years of experience when it comes to organizing large events and say they shouldn't be faulted for a safe idea that keeps around 30 people employed.

"So what we're trying to do and what we have done over the past few weeks and what we will continue to do is show that there is a way to come back and there is a way for dining and experiential and festive events to continue to happen," says Langer.

And as for those saying they're trying to make big profits in these tough times, Glikshtern says that's just not the case, "We don't make a lot of money on these events a big part of why we're doing them I'd say 75% of why we're doing these is to get our people back to work."

ABC7 News has reached out to the City of San Francisco to get their take on what happened and have not gotten a response. A city inspector is scheduled to be back at the Dogpatch location on Monday.

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