Gas tax increase goes into effect in California

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- You may notice how expensive it is to fill up your tank. That's because gas prices are increasing another 6 cents a gallon due to the state's gas tax going into effect Monday.

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We now pay more in taxes and fees for gas than any other state, just edging out Pennsylvania.

Alaska and Missouri have the lowest gas taxes in the country.

We are now at 57 cents per gallon in fees and taxes based on the current average cost of gas.

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The plan is for this money to pay for mass transit programs and road repairs.

It is expected to bring in about $5 billion a year, but some lawmakers are already saying that isn't enough because of years of underfunding.

The governor's office says 400 transportation projects are in the works.

The American Society of Civil Engineers just gave California a "D" grade for its road conditions, saying they are some of the worst in the country.
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