Witness describes seeing elderly woman dragged across platform by new Muni train

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Software engineer Will Hayworth, a regular Muni rider, was at Embarcadero station, when they witnessed an elderly woman dragged across the platform and onto the tracks when her hand got trapped in the door. The train is part of Muni's new fleet.

Paul Rose, Muni spokesperson, insists the trains are safe and have met all safety standards. However he added that Muni will be adding an extra safety edge that will better sense when someone is trapped between the doors.

Hayworth says they're shocked that Muni is not calling the issue a defect. They have lost all confidence in the service.

Seven of the new trains already have the safety edge, but there's no timeline for when the rest of the fleet will get them. In the meantime, all trains will remain in service.

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