Facebook removes President Trump's post falsely saying flu is more lethal than COVID-19

Tuesday, October 6, 2020
Trump leaves hospital, declares 'I feel good': VIDEOS
President Donald Trump walked out the military hospital Monday night where he has been receiving an unprecedented level of care for COVID-19, immediately igniting a new controversy by declaring that despite his illness the nation should not fear the virus that has killed more than 210,000 Americans.

Facebook on Tuesday removed a post from President Trump in which he falsely claimed that COVID-19 is less deadly than the seasonal flu.

Facebook spokesperson Andy Stone confirmed the company removed the post for breaking its rules on COVID-19 misinformation.

President Trump has, by his own admission, played down the threat of COVID-19. Now, while battling his own bout of the disease, he has continued to dishonestly downplay the severity of the virus.

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Political analyst Laura Washington discussed President Trump, First Lady Melania testing positive for COVID-19 Friday morning.

His post on Tuesday falsely equated COVID-19 to the seasonal flu.

The President also posted the same message on Twitter. That post is still live, but Twitter has appended a message to the Tweet stating it violated the company's rule on spreading misleading information related to Covid-19.

In August, Facebook and Twitter removed a post by Trump for containing false claims about COVID-19. The post contained a video of President during a Fox News interview in which he falsely claimed that children are "almost immune" to the virus.