VIDEO: Man shot, 7-Eleven ransacked during destructive Vallejo sideshow

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Tuesday, February 27, 2024
Man shot, 7-Eleven ransacked during destructive Vallejo sideshow
A sideshow got out of hand in Vallejo on Sunday and led to a brawl, shooting and looting of a nearby 7-Eleven store caught on surveillance video.

VALLEJO, Calif. (KGO) -- A sideshow got out of hand in Vallejo on Sunday and led to a brawl, shooting and looting of a nearby 7-Eleven store.

Neighbors are upset over the police response. Police staffing in Vallejo has been an issue for some time, but community members say the recent response for service is as bad as they have seen it.

Surveillance video shows dozens of teens and young adults rushing into a Vallejo 7-Eleven at Springs Road and Rollingwood Drive on Sunday. Police say the location, which now has plywood covering a broken out window, was ransacked and items were stolen by some of those who went inside.

But that is only part of what happened. Police and witnesses say everything started during a sideshow at this intersection in front of the store.

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This is what was heard on the police scanner:

"A male that is shot. Got another advising, male, blue jeans, black cap, pulled a gun from his hoodie and started shooting in that direction."

Witnesses who live in the nearby neighborhood say the sideshow was going on for sometime when someone in white pickup truck then tried to drive through it.

"At one point, we saw a white truck drive into the sideshow and all the kids from the sideshow went and grabbed him out of the truck and started destroying his vehicle," said one woman.

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Video shows people jumping on top of the truck as the crowd went after the driver. A fight even broke out in the area. At least two people were injured according to police - one of them struck by a bullet. One of the two ran into the 7-Eleven for help. Witnesses tell us the crowd chased after that man.

As this happened, witnesses say others set the man's truck on fire. All this before police even arrived.

Neighbors are fearful and chose not to show their face when we spoke with them Monday. One woman says she called police and officers didn't arrive for at least 40 minutes.

"I'm a homeowner here and I pay my taxes and to not get the help that I need - is really disheartening because I grew up here in Vallejo and my city is not coming through for me!"

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But the talk between officers on the police scanner spoke of cars running red lights and at least one ambulance blocked in. Vallejo police tell us they did respond at one point along with deputies from the Napa County Sheriff's Department and the Solano County Sheriff's Office. Some neighbors say that's not good enough.

"I would love the city of Vallejo to just get their act together especially concerning the police department!"

No arrests have been made. Vallejo police are urging anyone with information in this case to come forward. We did talk with several neighbors who tell us they have video showing some of the people involved leaving the area but no detectives have shown up asking about the case.

Crime tips can be submitted here on the Vallejo Police Department web page here.

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