More people taking life on the road as #VanLife becomes popular hashtag

Across the country, people are packing up and taking their lives on the road.

They're converting vans, campers, even box trucks and school buses into homes. There's even a social media hashtag, #vanlife, for those who believe home is where you park it.

Entrepreneur Zander Kingsley lives at the office.

"This is our lounge space slash store front," Kingsley said.

Yes, he actually lives at the office. The founder of Kowasa Clothing Company and his two partners bought a school bus at auction and turned it into an RV to strike their ultimate work-life balance.

"This is our counter space, and when it's a store it's our display case

It's a home and store all in one.

"I wanted to cut costs and see America," Kingsley said.

The benefits, no rent for an apartment or store, as Kingsley travels the country building his business.

And it's not just Zander and his school bus, there appears to be a growing movement of people turning their vehicles into homes. There's even a hashtag for it #vanlife and on Instagram, there's more than 900,000 posts from around the country and world.

In Nevada City, Calif., 53-year-old nonprofit fundraiser Jennifer Langdon and her father fixing up a camper so she can take to the road full time.

"It wasn't that I needed to find a new job or find a new city, I could take my home with me," Langdon said.

One 24-year-old Bay Area software engineer blogged about his home. A box truck claimed it's allowed him to pay off his student loans and bank six figures towards retirement.

"In part, this is driven by the economics of it as well as the cultural appeal of it," said Jon Christensen, Professor UCLA, Institute of the Environment and Sustainability

The downsides of the lifestyle include overnight parking restrictions and the neighbors.

"When people see people living in vehicles they will often report them," Christensen said.

That headaches is worth it for people like Kingsley.

"It's like where is my office going to be today? Is it going to be the mountains, is it going to be the beach?" Kingsley said.
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