EXCLUSIVE: Video shows chaos after shooting at Oakland Tech High School, coach describes scene

"Parents were running and screaming for their kids."

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Monday, August 1, 2022
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New video shows the melee after gunshots rang out at a youth football game that was taking place at Oakland Tech High School.

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- New video shows the melee after gunshots rang out at a youth, 10 and under football game in Oakland that was taking place at Oakland Tech High School on Sunday.

Three people were shot, all of them survived, but witnesses say one victim is just five years old. No arrests have been made.

Cell phone video taken after the shots were fired shows kids and families on the ground taking cover.

"You hear like six gunshots going off," said Francine Loya who coaches the Valley Boys team from Fresno.

Loya continued saying, "My first instinct was to get the boys that were right next to me off the field, so we started running across the field, and I just told them to drop to the ground and I jumped on like five of them and just landed on top of them, and once I heard the shooting stop, I picked my head up and another six shots rang out."

The Valley Boys team was taking on the 10 and under squad from Oakland. Loya believes there was a fight behind the bleachers, people went to see what was happening, and a minute later gun shots rang out, sending parents running back into the bleachers and elsewhere.

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"And then I got them up and parents were running and screaming for their kids. I started helping parents who were throwing their kids over the fence to the field to get away from the back of the bleachers," said Loya.

Oakland Police confirm that in total, three people were shot. Witnesses say a five-year-old girl was hit along with a man and a woman.

"I heard it was between two parents. I really don't know if they both was shooting at each other," said Quintrell Dotson who coaches the Oakland Dynamite 13 and under team.

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Officers haven't said what led to the shooting but Coach Loya saw the man who had been shot and believes he was hit by a stray bullet.

"Whatever happened behind those bleachers happened, and it was unfortunate for all of the families because you know you see these kids crying, and they're in fear, families are in fear, it was horrible. It wasn't a good sight," said Loya.

No arrests have been made and police have not released any description of the shooter or shooters in this case.

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