Know your voter rights before Election Day

VICTORVILLE, Calif. -- Early voting is underway across California for anyone looking to avoid what is likely to be a very busy Election Day come Nov. 6.

In Southern California's Victorville, people stopped by City Hall to cast their vote or drop off their mail-in-ballot.

"I don't want to stand in line for hours, who knows how long it will be. You could be waiting for people to actually go in, put in another ballot, or change their address to do whatever else," Crystal Amick said.

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Others came out to early voting due to conflicts with their schedule on Election Day.

"I grew up in Asia, my parents worked over there. I lived in a country where they didn't have voting and I'm so fortunate that I live in a country, where my vote counts," Mark Goodman said.

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra and California Secretary of State Alex Padilla held a joint press conference to remind voters of their rights.

"If you, as a voter, are in line come eight o'clock you have the right to cast your ballot regardless of how long it takes those poll workers to finish serving anyone in line," Padilla said.

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Padilla also reminded voters if they show up to their polling locations and are not on the roster they can ask for a provisional ballot.

"This week, my office launched our vote sure initiative to encourage voters to be vigilant about potential misinformation or disinformation they may come across and to utilize our new web portal," Padilla said.

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He added the website is in response to the 2016 election and social media disinformation campaigns. He encouraged voters to log on to

Becerra said his office will be deploying attorneys to six offices statewide.

"On Election Day, a team of more than a dozen attorneys from the attorney general's office, along with our administrative staff, will be standing ready to support the secretary of state and his team until last polls close on Election Day," Becerra said.

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