Family of San Leandro man killed by officer inside Walmart demands justice

SAN LEANDRO, Calif. (KGO) -- It's now been two months to the day since a San Leandro man was shot and killed by an officer inside a Walmart.

The man, Steven Taylor, was holding a baseball bat when the shots were fired. Thursday a vigil was held.

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Family members say Steven wasn't a danger and they want the officer who fired held accountable.

"We don't never hear nothing else about Steven Taylor, it's like he's swept under the rug so we would appreciate it if this gets noticed!"

Sharon Taylor making a dire plea for her son Steven to be remembered. A young man seen on body cam video with a baseball bat moments before he was shot and killed by a police officer inside a San Leandro Walmart.

"What I want is for the officers to be held accountable because they could have done anything else but shoot my son," said Taylor.

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Thursday, two months to the day after Steven Taylor was shot and killed, a vigil was held to remember him. Family, friends, and even those who didn't know Steven spoke. His grandmother Addie Kitchen says she can no longer watch the video.

"It's hard to look at something when you see your grandson dying right in front of you on the dirty floor."

San Leandro City Council voted Tuesday to re-allocate 1.7 million dollars that would have gone to the police department, to other areas to help those in the community.

Those here say that's not good enough for a city that spends more than 40 million a year funding the police department.

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Taylor was homeless at the time of the shooting and it's still unclear what happened.

He may have been having a mental episode but his mother says that's no excuse for what officers did.

"I'm upset and I'm hurt, the proper steps are not being taken and we need the police to take proper steps we need the police to deescalate we need police to call backup."

Those who attended Thursday's vigil would like to see the name of the officer who fired the shots released. They'd also like to see more of those 40 million dollars in police funds re-allocated to others areas and departments in the city.
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