Eagle that fell from Milpitas nest being cared for in Walnut Creek

Byby Leslie Brinkley KGO logo
Wednesday, June 20, 2018
Eagle that fell from Milpitas nest being cared for in Walnut Creek
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An eagle that fell from its nest at a school in Milpitas is being nursed back to health in Walnut Creek.

WALNUT CREEK, Calif. (KGO) -- A three month old baby bald eagle that fell out of its 70 foot tall nest on Sunday is now at a wildlife rehabilitation hospital in the East Bay.

The mother and father bald eagles aren't empty-nesters. They still have another three month old eaglet to care for up in a Milpitas redwood tree. But its sibling fell out of the nest as it tried to fledge and now is getting some medical attention.

The vet called the eagle "Lucky." It's not known if the baby bald eagle is a boy or a girl. But a bruised wing was checked out by doctors after fish and game officials brought the raptor to Lindsay Wildlife Experience in Walnut Creek Monday evening. White bandages are on the top of the wings for protection. No fractures. No cuts.

Dr. Allison Daugherty said, "they saw him hit a branch on the way down. So they decided instead of putting him back in the nest to bring it to us. Because he became a little dehydrated we elected to get him some subcutaneous fluids. And so he got a little calories on board. We fed him some mice so he can have that in his system."

Lucky liked the mice and then got released into an aviary to stretch out his wings.

Birdwatchers and eagle-eyed photographers are still circling the nest in Milpitas. Vets hope they all report on what the parents are feeding the other sibling to try and match the diet. Otherwise they are winging it. The hope is to release Lucky back to his nest in another week or so. It's the first time Lindsay Wildlife Experience has taken in a bald eagle baby for 30 years.