Protest over police shooting in Oakland as state senator drafts bill for transparency

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- New legislation is being drafted in Sacramento to increase transparency in investigations into officer involved shootings. At the same time, protesters took to the streets in Oakland Monday over the death of Sahleem Tindle a few months ago at the hands of a BART officer.

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Protesters also stormed 12th Street Station in Oakland but police were able to move them back to the streets. The station was briefly closed Monday afternoon.

That march started at the Alameda County DA Nancy O'Malley's office. Tindle's mother had a face-to-face meeting with her Monday followed by the protest involving 100 friends and family. Tindle's mother demanded that the BART officer who shot her son be arrested for murder. And the lack of answers from the DA left many family members feeling disrespected.

Community groups want answers to questions around the death of Tindle, who was shot in the back three times by a BART officer on January 3. Initial reports indicated Tindle had a gun. But body cam images indicate he was not armed but a gun was nearby.

Their attorney, John Burris, has consulted with state Senator Nancy Skinner who has drafted SB 1421, that would require more public disclosure of investigations into police shootings and use of force.

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Senator Skinner said " The purpose of this bill is to address the fact that California laws create some of the most secrecy around law enforcement records of any state in the country. "

Burris said " right now it's very difficult to get access to police records when an officer is involved in a prior police shooting or excessive force. "
Law enforcement groups have long maintained that disciplinary records should remain private to protect officer safety.

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The issue came up again in Sacramento on March 18, when police shot and killed an unarmed black man. The death of Stephon Clark has set off daily protests. Even though the state Department of Justice is overseeing the investigation into the shooting, Clark's family is demanding more information.

Burris added " The rules ought to be there is transparency. These are public matters and the family ought to know and the public ought to know. "

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